Works On Art And Rectal Realism by Neke Carson

March 12, 2016
5:00-7:00 PM

Anthony Haden-Guest and Lorraine Leckie host a celebration of Neke Carson’s new book, Works on Art and Rectal Realism, published by Rollo-Press. Originally published in 1973, this re-issue includes a pamphlet with commentary from Neke Carson and an Afterword by Katherine Jánszky Michaelsen. Join us for a launch and signing with the artist. Drinks will be served.

Works on Art and Rectal Realism is a book about one artist and how he addressed the gallery system in the 70’s. He basically took the art he found in galleries and turned the paintings and sculptures into “Readymades”. He didn’t go to the hardware store to look for “found objects”. He went to Leo Castelli’s and found art. He would sell the art by putting red dots near the work or he would hit the art with a tuning fork to get the sound off art and much more. The end result of all this was the birth of a new way of seeing and a brand new way of painting.

Works on Art and Rectal Realism is $29.00 and available here

Sponsored by online 98 Bowery; Katherine J. Michaelsen, contributor to Works on Art; Marc H. Miller, Gallery 98

Image: Neke Carson dancing on Vito Acconci’s seed bed, Sonnabend Gallery January 22nd 1972 Photo: Eileen Carson