Words With Love Out Loud

January 30, 2016
5:00 - 7:00

Join us for the launch of Words With Love.

Saturday January 30 at Printed Matter, from five to seven. We will read from our full hearts on a broken mic.

Sonel Breslav (Blonde Art Books), Cara Benedetto (artist), and Corina Reynolds (Small Editions) have come together in affect, to bring tension to Wo-man and example between women support networks. To engage voice, activism, wet culminating and comings we’ve made a set of cards that hold greetings.

Each set has six cards by six artists, and as insatiable as her lubed friction, the sets will keep coming. We arouse in many orders, non linear and abundant. We hope you like our Valentines, printed for your particular touch. We sweat.

Readings by Mira Schor, Cammi Climaco, Danna Vajda, Mira Dancy, Alex Reynolds through Gabriel Pericás, Lucy Ives, Cassandra Troyan, Kayla Guthrie, Suzanne Herrera, Amy Lam, Karin Schneider, Aura Rosenberg

Card contributions from: Moyra Davey, Mira Dancy, Christine Wang, Lucy Ives, Camilla Wills, Jill Magid, Amy Lam, Suzanne Herrera, General Sisters, Aura Rosenberg, Cassandra Troyan, Mira Schor, Karin Schneider, Lex Brown, Cammi Climaco, Danna Vajda, Sara Greenberger Raffert, Davida Nemeroff, Alex Reynolds, Bonny Poon, Maia Asshaq, Robin Cameron, Heather Guertin, Sophia Le Fraga, Amy Fung, Mia Von Matt, Virginia Barratt.

Image by Mira Schor

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