Code—X : Paper, Ink, Pixel and Screen - Talks by Danny Aldred & Paul Soulellis

November 12, 2015
6:00-8:00 PM

Printed Matter hosts a launch for Code—X, a new bookRoom press publication edited by Danny Aldred and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, with a foreword by Alessandro Ludovico and endnotes by John Warwicker. The event includes a talk by Danny Aldred & Paul Soulellis.

Code—X brings together a selection of projects and personal histories of the current transforming and expanding of publishing and the book medium with the aim to challenge the very notion of what it could be(come) in today’s complex information era.

The way we share information is undergoing a huge transformation. Content is no longer fixed to a page, it can be user generated, open source or shared between different reading platforms. This disruption has challenged the very concept of the book as it has been accepted since the Gutenberg Revolution of the 1450s. 2010 marked the tipping point of the switch from print to pixel with more published online than on paper and this digital turn brought about new modes of making, reading and disseminating published works as well as new questions about formats, tools, content, collaboration and distribution.

The design of Code—X within codex form, proposed by studio 3015, represents a playful and daring twist of ink imitating pixel to render composition and design. The content is seen as a continuous scroll, cropped where screen meets paper edge. We celebrate both camps by highlighting dichotomies of edge to scroll, sequence to time and image to place.

Featuring essays, interviews and works by:

AND Publishing, Andrew Haslam, Alexander Cooper and Rose Gridneff, Alessandro Ludovico, Alec Finlay and Ken Cockburn, Beth Williamson, Colin Sackett, David Lorente Zaragoza, Delphine Bedel, Eric Watier, Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine, Hans Gremmen, Jodie Silsby, John Warwicker, Maria White, Matt Johnston, Paul Soulellis, Stefan Szczelkun, Sébastien Girard, Simon Cutts, Silvio Lorusso, Susan Johanknecht and Katharine Meynell.

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