Brian Fuata: A preparatory/ predictive performance for a circuit of email and the living

November 13 - 14, 2015

Fri, Nov. 13, 4:00pm — 4:20pm Fri, Nov. 13, 7:00pm — 7:20pm Sat, Nov. 14, 4:00pm — 4:20pm Sat, Nov. 14, 7:00pm — 7:20pm

Brian Fuata creates a new improvisational performance that attempts to correspond with the materials, live works, and ephemera encountered during research into mail art pioneer Ray Johnson’s expansive archives.

Johnson, a seminal Pop Art figure and early conceptualist in the 1950s, has left behind a vast collection of letters, mail art, collages, and other materials that preserve his vital legacy now twenty years after his death. Working in concert with his estate, and within his own practice of correspondence via email performance, Fuata will present a series of live and mediated works that trace long-distance relationships.

Expanding on his live performances for Performa 15 and research into mail art pioneer Ray Johnson’s expansive archives, Fuata also launches a series of ‘email performances’ that approach electronic correspondence as a theatrical stage, with concerns that parallel and overlap those faced by physical theaters, including positioning, audience, and staging. Read more and join up on the Performa site here.

Slideshow image credit: Brian Fuata, Points of Departure 1 to 3, 2014 - Photo by Andrew Curtis, courtesy of the artist and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Australia