Jack Early’s Life Story In Just Under 20 Minutes

September 11, 2015
6:00-8:00 PM

“I always thought it would be something if I could tell my whole life story from beginning to now. So I decided to do it. I got together a trumpet, a banjo and a bass, a clarinet, some drums and a pump organ. I told my story as the band played. I put it on a yellow vinyl record and I called the whole thing “Jack Early’s Life Story In Just Under 20 Minutes”.”

Early presents a performance that unfolds his life story by playing his self-published record from a customized yellow Victrola. The audio will be accompanied by a slide show of handmade collage images by Early to push the story along.

The yellow vinyl record is accompanied by a color fold-out poster, and features a silkscreened cover. Limited Edition of 100.

Jack Early graduated from UNSCA in 1981 and upon graduation moved to New York. His ascent to fame began in the late 1980s as one-half of the duo Pruitt-Early. Pruitt-Early’s irreverent work challenged prevailing orthodoxies and blurred the boundaries between low culture and high art. In his space time, Early began writing songs, which have now become integral to many of his new art objects. Since 2009, he has been creating work that explores the breadth of American pop culture. Glenn O'Brien describes Early as a “new sort of bluesman..making work that reflects the lonesome road he’s been on, a road through Jesus, Jesus Christ Superstar, John and Yoko, protest movements, and the United Federation of Planets.” Early works within a Pop vocabulary combining it with biographical details and personal elements from his life. His work builds on cultural references and continues to evolve through his experience with the media and an ever-changing self. Early currently lives and works in Brooklyn and is represented by Fergus McCaffrey, New York.