Hidden Among the Leaves by Christopher Schulz - Launch and Signing - Published by Pupa Press

July 30, 2015
6:00-8:00 PM

Pupa Press releases Hidden Among the Leaves by artist Christopher Schulz, the 12th issue in their zine series Básicos (Basics). The work features a series of collages by Schulz created from imagery of past issues of his b&w periodical Pinups.

Each Pinups consists of images from a single male nude, which can be disassembled and transformed into a large-format poster. Hidden Among the Leaves takes the idea of re-composition further, leading Schulz to cut up the images themselves and present them in new arrangements, creating new narratives of the photo project.

Pupa Press is a Spanish/Chilean publishing house based in Santiago de Chile. They publish their own contents mostly under the zine format, and distribute publications from other independent publishing houses and artists in Chile. 

Básicos (Basics) is the first project of Pupa Press. It is focused on creating a same format and budget friendly zines collection. The project has four different content categories: narrative (short stories, comics), analytic (essays, visual essays), instructions manual and creative (artwork profiles).  The purpose is to create an agile way for publishing contents that can generate networks and synergies between our contributors and readers. 

Hidden Among the Leaves is 5.05" x 7.6", 28 pages, printed in Black & white and color

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