Daniel Klag and Alex Ulreich - Twin Labyrinths & Lightweight Woods - Launch and Performance

May 3, 2014
5:00 - 7:00

Join us for a joint launch releasing Alex Ulreich’s Lightweight Woods and Daniel Klag’s Twin Labyrinths.

Alex Ulreich’s publication Lightweight Woods explores the idea of nature amid the urban neighborhood of Bushwick. The spiral bound publication plays Ulreich’s photographs against a poem which evokes Dutch word ‘Boswijck’ - Bushwick - meaning Heavy Woods, and traces out its contemporary landscape. Alex Ulreich is a Brooklyn-based photographer.

Daniel Klag launches Twin Labyrinths (2014, Miscreant Recs), his third album. The work builds ambient soundscapes from treated guitar and vibraphone samples. The labyrinths need not be physical. These are sounds designed to lose oneself in.

Trabajo (Yuchen Lin & TJ Richards) will also perform on occasion of the launch.

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