Office of Culture & Design - HARDWORKING, GOODLOOKING - Book launch and Talk

April 17, 2014
6:00-8:00 PM

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An imprint of the

Office of Culture & Design

A tropical-style book launch and colloquium about more than just books

Featuring the launch of an updated version of the Ayta Tribal Cookbook, a project journal and cookbook of 30,000 year-old recipes, and the Office of Culture and Design – Project Reader, a print overview documenting the work of the OCD since 2010 in collaboration with artists, designers, and writers thinking about issues of developing world communities via The Philippines.

On occasion of the release, Clara Balaguer & Kristian Henson of the Office of Culture & Design will discuss the with developing world communities through art and design.

The OCD will also screen a portion of their new film, about a volcano, a tribe, tradition and karaoke.


Since December 2010, The OCD has functioned as a platform for artists, designers, writers and projects that investigate solutions for (primarily) developing world issues. In 2013, we opened Hardworking, Goodlooking, a publishing arm and design studio, to consolidate the results of our experiments—and the experiments of others—in print and other formats. The OCD wants to use contemporary art and design as tools for progress. To us, design and art are not luxuries. They are useful necessities, powerful tools for effecting the paradigm shifts that lead to real change.

We accept all of the contradictions implied by the act of putting art and design—fields that are usually employed by the same market systems that create inequality—to the service of social progress. It is a necessary point of inflection. We know we are part of the problem. Precisely because of this realization, since 2010 our objective has been to contribute to the solution.