True Laurels Vol 3 Issue Launch with Lawrence Burney, Derrick Adams & Abdu Ali

March 22, 2014
5:00 - 7:00

Lawrence Burney created the True Laurels zine to extend the discourse around music taking place online by forming a tangible, streetwise exchange. True Laurels’ goal is to present an in-tune documentation of some of today’s most passionate underground artists with content that would otherwise get lost in a blog scroll. Each volume features a collaboration between writers, photographers, illustrators, and graphic artists chosen for their personal aesthetic and their ability affect listeners with compelling narratives. Those stories are further explored in each issue through introspective diary entries, insightful interviews and long-form stories.

The launch will feature a short talk with artist Derrick Adams and an in-store performance by Abdu Ali.

Visuals provided by Time Spent.

Lawrence Burney is a Baltimore-based music journalist whose work on hip-hop culture can be found online at Noisey, XXL, Baltimore’s City Paper, and Frank 151.