New Message by Futoshi Miyagi - Publication Launch

February 20, 2014
6:00-8:00 PM

Futoshi Miyagi often employs everyday, minuscule objects in his work: Okinawan flower beetle, a pack of “Double Mint” gum, a photograph kept in someone’s wallet, broken snow dome of Tokyo Tower and a photograph of himself immersed in kitchen bleach…The objects are often broken, erased, undone, or hidden; through such violent actions emerges a subtle hope for something new.

The works are often created in his room and they are photographed by the artist immediately after the completion. The artist book “new message” presents a collection of such images Miyagi has created since 2005. The images and texts are carefully edited to form a new, sometimes unexpected, narrative.

Futoshi will also display related prints and small multiples.

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