Is This a Typo?

Book Launch and Workshop at Printed Matter Chelsea
March 28, 2023

Many Asians in America adopt an English name aside from their given name to avoid the hassle of constantly correcting others. The publication Is This a Typo? questions and challenges this norm. Thirty-nine contributors tell stories about their names: names that are often mispronounced, butchered, and tossed around; names that are recognized as a typo on digital interfaces when typed in English. Is This a Typo? spotlights the care and consideration that went into choosing the contributors’ given names. At its core, Is This a Typo? honors the names, their meanings, and the individuals who carry them.

The event will begin with Sun Ho Lee’s talk on her practice and end with a collective zine-making workshop on building trust with collaborators.

Sun Ho Lee (she/her) is a designer and underground archivist. She is currently finishing her MFA in graphic design at RISD, making visible the stories of Asians in the United States through print and textile design. With a background in psychology and refugee rescue work, she makes to create space for cultural inbetweeners.