Superstars Only Issue 3 Launch

December 15, 2022

Join us at Printed Matter from 6-8 pm for the launch of Superstars Only Issue 3: The Serious Issue on December 15, 2022. Three is the magic number and things are starting to get serious. Sometimes a little too serious. In this issue we talk about how to get free, all art is collage, the downfall of Heaven, tik tok mukbang royalty, analyzing the current nyc art scene, remembering the hype era, and how to cultivate individuality and integrity as a young artist.

This issue features Moh Motion, Melanie Wu, Rachel Giannascoli, Kimberly Getzinger, Lizzi Bougatsos, Ingrid Lu, Lanie Durkee, Sam Steele, Dollssan, Masha Psilocybe, Emile Mausner, Tim Brawner, Violet Handforth, and Yuki Xu. As well as writing by Violet Handforth and Yuki Xu.

There’s a knot in my hair that I’ve let gather up behind my neck just because I wish my mom could still help me comb it out. I’m only twenty-two but the fear of getting older has become all too real now that I have graduated. I feel like I just woke up from a dream and now my duty is to come up with new dreams while still trying to fulfill the old ones. Every morning I go to work and I feel like I’m mourning a part of myself that was once there. Since when did things get so serious?

This is the serious issue.


Daniela Rodriguez, born in Miami, FL, is a multimedia artist based in New York. She started Superstars Only in November of 2021, with the help of her friends Adrian Tiu and Violet Handforth. Superstars Only aims to create a world that blurs the line between insider and outsider perspectives.

Adrian Tiu, born in Cambridge, MA, is a designer and artist based in New York. He designs and assists with art direction for Superstars Only.

Violet Handforth, was born in Salzburg, Austria and grew up in Bad Kreuznach, Germany and Miami, Florida. She now lives and works in New York City, and is a columnist and writer for Superstars Only Magazine.