La Grande Baldoria Book Launch

at Printed Matter / St Marks
September 30, 2022
6-8 PM

Printed Matter / St Marks is excited to host the release of Archivo #2 ‘LA GRANDE BALDORIA’ this Friday September 30th, 6-8PM. Join us on the rooftop of 38 St Marks Pl for the book launch and music selections by Mino Luchena and Dj Alberto Tomba.

Archivio is a series of publications by Never Sleep focused on exploring archiving practices by displaying private collections of visual artifacts, memorabilia, audio memories, and collecting garments and graphic curiosities.

The second issue, curated by Gabber Eleganza, collecting and scanning Italian discos logos and stickers, graphics curiosity and illustration ephemera from the golden age of Italian discos. The selection of logos, drawn from the artist’s private archive, is a visual testimony of a unique and unrepeatable Italian historical moment—from brutalist provincial discos to the trendy circuits of big Italian cities of the post economic boom. More than 8,000 discos were surveyed during the mid-1980s in a nation always on the move, in constant search of revelry. Looking for La Grande Baldoria. Purchase here.

The publication includes text by Mauro Simonato about one of the first club-focused subcultural phenomenon of the baiosi and later afro-cosmic movement, and a text by Michele Galluzzo with reference to the visual identities and the graphics inspirations during that era.

Never Sleep is a multi faceted platform born in 2017 from the eclectic mind of the Italian dj and artist Alberto Guerrini (aka Gabber Eleganza) as an archive to collect the aesthetic of the gabber scene via fanzines, musicology, fashion and subculture; evolving into an independent label with its own book publications, music releases and clothing line.

The Never Sleep apparel takes inspiration from the rave and blends it with contemporary motifs. Gabber Eleganza combines extensive research, mixes and creates unique artefacts and limited edition garments. Notable is the recent collaboration with Alexander McQueen for the ‘Fantasma’ collection. As a result, the unique style of Never Sleep (and its logo) is recognizable worldwide as an ambassador for club culture.