Sontag Shogun x Lau Nau
Valo Siroutuu
(Beacon Sound, LP & Book)

May 1, 2022
2-5pm EST

Join Sontag Shogun on Sunday, May 1st as they celebrate the release of the album and book at our Chelsea location. They will be selling and signing their new masterpiece, as well as facilitating an in-person listening session from start to finish. They will be around afterwards to chat about their experiences while they play unreleased material from the session as they close out the event.

More about the album: Valo Siroutuu (“The Light Scatters”) is a collaborative song cycle written on and for the island of Kimitoön, Finland. Incorporating in-situ field recordings, impromptu outdoor songwriting, contemplative and patient chamber arrangements and lyrics delivered both in Finnish and English, the album thematically pursues observations of and meditations on place, time, nature, home, play, and language. Less a record of songs and more a continued, braided rope of ephemeral moments and turbid musical events, this work exists in a suspended dream or flow state, billowing up momentarily like wind breezing through spruce leaves or cresting over like the initial breaking waves of an oncoming high tide, yet always eventually rippling out back into quietude and solace like the patient floating fractures of light scattered across water’s surface. While Valo Siroutuu is an album, it is also a book, a field guide, if you will. A full color 20-page limited edition documentation of the album’s making, featuring paintings, photographs and essays, observing and reflecting on the albums’ creation. Each book comes with a digital download code of the music, so they can be enjoyed in concert, as intended.

Listen to the album here.

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