Event with Sasha Phyars-Burgess

April 9, 2022
10am CDT

In collaboration with EXPO CHICAGO and the Chicago Athletic Association, we’ll be hosting a conversation on Saturday, April 9, at 10am, between artists Sasha Phyars-Burgess, Cecil McDonald Jr., Katherine Simóne Reynolds and curator Asha Iman Veal in which they focus on their personal practices and photography in Chicago and St. Louis, and discuss the ethics of street photography within predominantly Black communities. This is a free event, coffee and tea will be provided. RSVP here.

Sasha Phyars-Burgess b. 1988. Scorpio. Black. Alive.

Katherine Simóne Reynolds is an artist, scholar, and curator who investigates emotional dialects and psychogeographies of Blackness. Her art physicalizes emotions and experiences through portrait photography, video, choreography, and sculpture.

Cecil McDonald Jr. is a photographer interested in the intersections of masculinity, familial relations, and the artistic and intellectual pursuits of black culture, particular as this culture intersects with and informs the larger culture. Through photography, video, and dance/performance, he seeks to investigate and question the norms and customs that govern our understanding of each other, our families, and the myriad of societal struggles and triumphs.

Asha Iman Veal is Associate Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago), and faculty at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As a curator and an arts educator, Iman’s work advocates cross-cultural solidarity across communities that are often kept apart by geographic or political distance.

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