Spay Your Baby Book Launch & Reading

at Printed Matter / St Marks
November 6, 2021
4PM - 6PM

Join us at Printed Matter / St Marks Saturday, November 6th for a book launch and reading from Morgan Pearse’s new book, Spay Your Baby, published by nico fontana. This event will take place on the Swiss Institute roof, and refreshments will be provided!

Spay Your Baby, Pearse’s first published literary work is déjà vu thrown in the vitamix. It is full of plotless innards, of erotic guts, presented to the reader in a pink bubble wrap envelope. It’s a sticky slur of memories asking to be peeled apart. The sweet breads aren’t preserved and instead digress to a glop of goo, glistening in the sun, waiting for desire to set in like the heat rising on summer pavement. There’s nothing to it but maybe a leaking and thickening of disembodiment, and death.

Combining found and manipulated images, Pearse’s book leads through slow, meandering vignettes. It’s a thriller with no discernible plot save fear and pheromone.

Morgan Pearse is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. With a mixture of the violent and the mundane, she explores a specific spectrum of body states: the non-human, the sick, the contortionist. @morganpearsse

nico fontana is a publishing initiative concerned with the queering of language, objects, bodies, and spaces.