Sidewalk Book Launch with Curtis Kulig & Max Blagg

Book Signing & Poetry Reading
July 16, 2021

Join us Friday July 16th, from 6pm - 8pm at Printed Matter / St Marks, for a launch for Curtis Kulig and Max Blagg’s new book LOUD MONEY. The sidewalk event will be followed by a poetry reading by Max Blagg on the roof of the Swiss Institute at 7:15pm.

Please note capacity for the roof is limited.

LOUD MONEY​ is a publication featuring a series of collaborative new works from New York City-based artist Curtis Kulig and poet Max Blagg. What began as a random assemblage of various images, paintings, poem fragments, correspondence, photographs, and drawings between these Downtown neighbors, quickly acquired a solid artistic coherence. Originally slated for release in the Spring of 2019, the arrival of the pandemic and lockdown delayed this vigorous experiment. The original intention of a rapid-fire zine has evolved into the production of an exquisite, offset printed clothbound 104-page full-color monograph. A seamless harmonic convergence between artist and poet, blending Kulig’s elegant visual vernacular with Blagg’s singular poetic expression, and further embellished by a brilliant Afterword and ringside commentary by renowned artist Jamie Nares.

Artist Curtis Kulig lives and works in New York City. A decade ago, his private plea imbued with futility and irony, ‘Love Me’ became part of the urban fabric of the city. A loyal audience ensued recasting the declaration embracing inclusivity, optimism, and hope. His studio practice consists of paintings and drawings often done in series which explore his (and thusly ours) emotional vulnerabilities.

English-born poet Max Blagg has lived in New York City since 1972. He has performed at numerous landmark NYC venues including The Kitchen, Guggenheim Museum, Jackie 60, St Marks Church, The National Arts Club, CBGB’s and Tin Pan Alley Bar. His most recent publications are Walkabout NYC and Slow Dazzle, both published by Shallow Books NYC, and just arrived is a collaboration with artist Curtis Kulig, Loud Money, a mashup of art and text encased in a splendid hardcover book. Blagg has collaborated with many artists including Jamie Nares, Alex Katz, Jack Pierson, Richard Prince, Lucy Winton, Keith Sonnier, Nan Goldin, Jerelyn Hanrahan and Nicholas Rule, and is currently collaborating with sound artist DJ IZM on a new audio/visual project.