In the Shadows of This New World : A Summer of 2020 Scrapbook

Sidewalk Launch Party with Ben Charles Trogdon and Friends
April 24, 2021
2 - 6pm EST

Please join us for the launch of In the Shadows of This New World: A Summer of 2020 Scrapbook. This scrapbook is a collection of 35mm film photos and collages by Ben Charles Trogdon (Editor/Publisher - Nuts! and Tattoo Punk ZIne), accompanied by interviews and short stories about NYC summer 2020. Huge protests, the pandemic, violence, COVID anxiety, heat, humidity, rats, roaches, cops, blue medical masks, pepper spray: the scrapbook serves as a visual document aiming to capture the joy, rage, compassion, and community felt by a group of friends as they navigated their ever-changing environment.

The launch event embraces the group of friends that inspired the scrapbook. The people in the scrapbook’s pages are fellow artists, community organizers and unique beings. At this event they will have spaces to showcase their work, passions and livelihoods. It’s a sidewalk art fair / flea market / socially distanced party to reflect on the summer of 2020 and what we learned from it. This a reminder to continue to push towards a new, better future.

Tables by:

Demystification Magazine (from Washington DC!) @demystifynow
Dizzy Magazine @dizzymag
Poppy & Star Herbs @poppyandstarherbs
Roots Unbound @rootsunbound
Papertown Company @papertowncompany
Robin Pak @r0nbin
1-800-Possessed @1800possessed
Anahit Guilian @a7n7a7h7i7t
Dripper World @dripperworld
Somer Stampley @shesonlydreaming
Imaginary Mirrors @melaniebees
Everett Brown
Mutagen Fanzine @mutagen.zine
Cecilia Caldiera @ceciliaaaaaa___

With music provided by:

Sara Abruna @__snakeskin
Ambrose Nzams @bwene
Mateo Cartagena @_bizari0

Masks are required. We’ll have plenty of hand sanitizer on-hand as well.

To preorder a copy of In the Shadows, please click here.

Please note, this title will begin shipping April 26.