MORE STUPIDS: A tarot-esque tutorial and reading by Emmy Bright

September 3, 2020

Please join us for a virtual tarot-esque tutorial and reading by Emmy Bright from MORE STUPIDS (3 Hole Press, 2020) on September 3rd at 2PM EST.

MORE STUPIDS is a book and deck that commingles autobiography, critical theory, diagrams and dumb jokes. You may use the set in many ways. None are correct. The book is an invitation, as Emmy writes, to “upend normative good sense in order to find something more complex, gnarly, and real.”

In this video, Emmy will discuss her studio practice of making “STUPIDS,” how she came to her own tarot-esque genre, and how you can use the deck - or any deck - to create your own spreads for readings. Following a brief demonstration of how we can read images, cards, meaning and each other, Emmy invites us to experience MORE STUPIDS in the form of a poetic lecture, that includes both artworks and passages from the book.

This video will premiere at 2PM EST on September 3rd. To watch, check back on this page, subscribe to our Youtube channel, or sign up for our weekly email newsletter.


A queer post-modern tarot-esque deck that serves up hilarious and sensual fodder for foresight and insight that comes from the often overlooked encounters in life. Visual wordplay lays bare a paranoid awareness of how impossibly exposed we are, yet makes clear that, in this, we are not alone.
— Paula Wilson

What if you left aside the symbols and narrative forms of a traditional Tarot deck, but kept its weird revelations? If you embraced a kind of reading in which not only are no interpretations incorrect but also, as Emmy Bright writes, “none are correct”? MORE STUPIDS is a collection of scrawled diagrams, homemade Rothkos, and the most affecting blobs you ever saw. Their insights are canny and uncanny at once. Whether you play alone or with other people, or simply look and read, they will rearrange your feelings about thinking and your thinking about feelings.
— Lara Cohen

MORE STUPIDS is not. Emmy Bright’s visual pleasures, clarity, sense of fun are matched by her textual probity and intelligence. MORE STUPIDS illuminates. Bright’s art is, in my humble opinion, brilliant.
— Lynne Tillman

Emmy Bright works in drawing, writing, print and performance. She investigates the problem of empathy and the problem of boundaries in projects combining comedy, psychology, art history and philosophy. She holds a BA in Art History from University of Chicago, an M.Ed from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art where she co-chairs their Print Media Department. She currently lives in Detroit where her work is represented by David Klein Gallery.

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