The Circulation of Paper

A conversation with I.T.U & Maia Asshaq
March 15, 2012

Join us for a conversation with the International Typographical Union & Maia Asshaq about the Paper Rehabilitation Project and the circulation of paper. At Printed Matter, Thursday, March 15th, 7PM.

Paper Rehabilitation Project: Blank Books, Series I

The Blank Books in this first series of the Paper Rehabilitation Project are made of stock found at a warehouse of excess, rejected and damaged paper. The paper in these books was probably originally purchased by printers for their clients, but for one reason or another it was not used as intended. Perhaps it was damaged in transit, or the sheets were jamming the machines, or the job was cancelled altogether.

It took us a long time to learn of the existence of this paper. Printers, paper distributors, and even many paper recyclers are reluctant to speak of this kind of surplus paper, perhaps because it threatens the commodity status of ‘clean’ paper. We had the feeling that by having it bound into a book we were causing a minor disruption in the circulation of paper. We captured these sheets at this particular moment in time, while they were available, and made 600 books that we will never again be able to reproduce.

Paper Rehabilitation Project : Series 1 retails for $12.00 and is available for purchase “here”:catalog/32679