Daniel Klag, Megafortress, Noah Wall

In-store performance
March 24, 2012

We’re really excited to host an in-store performance from three experimental musicians, Daniel Klag, Megafortress and Noah Wall. This is going to be so good.


Daniel Klag’s Weird Fiction is available “here”:catalog/30647 Noah Wall’s Heloise is available “here”:catalog/30808 (Cassette) and “here”:catalog/30807 (LP)

Daniel Klag is an experimental/ambient/electronic musician residing in NYC, spreading the world with krautrock-influenced over-gravity minimalism. He has released the EP-length “Leaflet” 3-inch CD on French label La Station Radar, and the full-length “Weird Fiction” vinyl LP on Czech label AMDISCS.

Megafortress is New York musician Bill Gillim. The project was conceived as a series of fictional field recordings, and has transformed into a collection of gorgeous vocal meditations. His debut self-titled release for Software Recording Co., Megafortress is a lucid and open effort combining home-brewed and studio recording elements into a dynamic cloud cover, using only sparsely layered and processed voice, sampled bells, and touches of synthesizer. At times, it feels like Gillim is concocting a new strain of (secular) devotional music; a contemplative, nascent music. Bill’s obfuscated lyrics hint at a resonant, universal sphere where identity is formed but never hardens. Considering how simple and unadorned Gillim’s setup is, the envisage is a testament to how powerful this music is.