Book Sculptures

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  • Rock Breaks Scissors        Peter H. Barnett        Editions / Signed        $40.00
  • Why Did You Shoot Me?        Alexander Bühler        Books / Artists’ Books        $40.00
  • Box of Chaos        Susan Happersett        Books / Signed        $250.00
  • Labyrinth        Margot Lovejoy        Books        $85.00
  • The Book of Plagues        Margot Lovejoy        Books        $18.00
  • Boundless        David Stairs        Books / Small Books        $15.00
  • The Sycamore Leaf Canopy        Joyce Cutler Shaw        Books / Signed        $200.00
  • Undoing        Peter H. Barnett        Books        $20.00
  • For when all that was read was…so as not to be unknown (2012)        Judith Barry        Editions / Multiples        $900.00

Using diverse formal approaches, each of these book sculptures works against the basic usage of the typical codex. Judith Barry’s angular book-object, Peter Barnett’s boxes and scrolls, Joyce Cutler Shaw’s tunnel books and the internal flaps and gates of Margot Lovejoy’s publications each forestall the usual habits of the workaday page-turner. In their rejection of conventional usage, these mutant forms tend to shun life on the standard bookshelf. Instead demanding isolated display, or at least some measure of sustained contemplation. Provocative constructions such as David Stairs’ Boundless—an impenetrable stack of circular paper—can bring their viewers to a renewed mindfulness of the page, bindings, as well as the typical modes of reading and using books, which we often take for granted. Such renewed attention to the formal properties of the physical book could only be salutary for this object, at whose bedside theorists, historians, and even readers themselves, are all too often delivering their last rites.

  1. Peter H. Barnett
    Rock Breaks Scissors
    New York: P. Barnett, 2012
  2. Peter H. Barnett
    New York, NY: P. Barnett, 2004
  3. Alexander Bühler
    Why Did You Shoot Me?
    Mexico City, Mexico: Gato Negro
    Out of stock
  4. Susan Happersett
    Box of Chaos
    New York , NY : Purgatory Pie Press
    Out of stock
  5. Margot Lovejoy
    Purchase, NY: Center for Editions at SUNY, 1991
    Out of stock
  6. Margot Lovejoy
    The Book of Plagues
    Queens, NY: IN-SIGHT Press, 1994
    Out of stock
  7. David Stairs
    San Francisco, CA: D. Stairs, 1983 & 1990
    size unknown
  8. Judith Barry
    For when all that was read was…so as not to be unknown (2012)
    New York, NY: Judith Barry and Project Projects
  9. Joyce Cutler Shaw
    The Sycamore Leaf Canopy
    J. Cutler-Shaw, 2003
Last updated 5/27/2015