Radical Forms in Sculpture

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  • Tinguely: Minami Gallery         Tinguely        Books / Catalogs        $50.00
  • Rosenquist: Galerie Ileana Sonnabend 1986        James Rosenquist        Books / Out of Print Books        $30.00
  • The Bachelor Machines        Harald Szeemann        Books / Catalogs        $185.00
  • Etc. from Dan Flavin, the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 13 September - 19 October 1969; The Vancouver        Brydon Smith        Books / Catalogs        $175.00
  • James Rosenquist        James Rosenquist        Books / Catalogs        $50.00
  • The Magic Theater        Ralph T. Coe        Books / Monographs        $50.00
  • Soft Art                Books / Out of Print Books        $75.00
  • Kenneth Snelson: Kunstverein Hannover        Kenneth Snelson        Books / Catalogs        $50.00

Out of print books on sculpture and installation emerging in the mid 20th century that makes use of machines and movement, light, and new materials.

  1. Tinguely
    Tinguely: Minami Gallery
    Tokyo, Japan: Minami Gallery, 1963
    Out of stock
  2. James Rosenquist
    Rosenquist: Galerie Ileana Sonnabend 1986
    Paris, France: Galerie Sonnabend, 1968
  3. Harald Szeemann
    The Bachelor Machines
    New York, NY: Rizzoli, 1975
    Out of stock
  4. James Rosenquist
    James Rosenquist
    Cologne, Germany: Kunsthalle Köln, 1972
    Out of stock
  5. Ralph T. Coe
    The Magic Theater
    Kansas City, MO: Circle Press, 1970
    Out of stock

  6. Soft Art
    Trenton, NJ: New Jersey State Museum Cultural Center Trenton, 1969
    Out of stock
  7. Kenneth Snelson
    Kenneth Snelson: Kunstverein Hannover
    Hannover, Germany: Kunstverein Hannover, 1971
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