Artists Books and other works of Martin Kippenberger

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  • Eine Handvoll Vergessener Tauben        Martin Kippenberger        Books / Catalogs        $160.00
  • Der Kippenberger        Martin Kippenberger        Books / Catalogs        $1,330.00
  • The Canary Searching for a Port in the Storm        Martin Kippenberger        Books / Signed        $40.00
  • Die Bunte Welt des Kanarienvogels        Martin Kippenberger        Books / Signed        $110.00
  • Input-Output        Martin Kippenberger        Books        $17.00
  • Virtuosen vor dem Berg        Martin Kippenberger        Books / Catalogs        $150.00
  • Martin Kippenberger : In Tirol        Martin Kippenberger        Books / Artists’ Books        $120.00
  • Pictures of an Exhibition        Martin Kippenberger        Books / Catalogs        $20.00
  • Hotel - Hotel        Martin Kippenberger        Books / Artists’ Books        $70.00
  • Martin Kippenberger : Villa Arson, 1990        Martin Kippenberger        Books / Catalogs        $100.00
  • Old Vienna Posters        Martin Kippenberger        Books / Artists’ Books        $1,500.00
  • Malen ist Wahlen        Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen and Werner Büttner        Books / Catalogs        $200.00

German artist Martin Kippenberger worked easily across a range of mediums – as a painter, drawer, photographer, sculptor – creating an energized body of work that engaged ideas of artistic selfhood in face of art historical precedent. His Raft of the Medusa took up Gericault’s well-known oil painting (1819), retelling the image of the shipwrecked frigate with a suite of interrelated prints, while substituting his own contorted figure throughout the artwork. Other works of self-portraiture, on paper and canvas, share a familiar mixture of self-aggrandizement with the honest and banal.

Kippenberger’s prolific output extended into printed material and he generated a huge number of posters, invitation cards and print ephemera in support of his exhibitions. While in Berlin he set up his own publishing imprint ‘Pikasso’s Erben Verlag’, and often worked with institutions and publishers to put out artists’ publications that incorporated elements from his drawing, collage and photography.

His elusive artists’ project Old Vienna Posters (included here) was published by Grazer Kunstverein in 1992, on occasion of the exhibition “Plakate” (a group-show also featuring the work of Fierce Pussy, Christopher Wool, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, and others). Offset printed in full-color, each page is composed of a full-bleed image showing overlapping flyers posted around the streets of Vienna, enlarged to such a degree that any details are dissolved into gorgeous abstracted compositions.

Another work “Hotel Hotel” gathers the drawings that Kippenberger created on hotel stationary during his extensive travels between 1987 to 1991. The quick pencil drawings, sometimes with collaged elements, show views of his hotel room, portraits of friends, and sketches of hands. Published by Walther Konig in an edition of 950, the book reproduces (most) works at their original size, with variable paper stock.

  1. Martin Kippenberger
    Hotel - Hotel
    Cologne, Germany: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 1992
    Out of stock
  2. Martin Kippenberger
    Martin Kippenberger : In Tirol
    Wien, Austria: Flat Mountain Press, 2000
    size unknown
  3. Martin Kippenberger
    Der Kippenberger
    Stuttgart, Germany: Max Ulrich-Hetzler, 1982
    Out of stock
  4. Martin Kippenberger
    The Canary Searching for a Port in the Storm
    New York, NY: David Nolan Gallery, 1991
    Out of stock
  5. Martin Kippenberger
    Die Bunte Welt des Kanarienvogels
    Graz, Austria: Edition Bleich-Rossi, 1991
    Out of stock
  6. Martin Kippenberger
    Cologne, Germany: Galerie Gisela Capitain, 1989
    Out of stock
  7. Martin Kippenberger
    Eine Handvoll Vergessener Tauben
    Frankfurt, Germany: Galerie Grässlin-Ehrhardt, 1990
  8. Martin Kippenberger
    Virtuosen vor dem Berg
    Frankfurt, Germany: Galerie Grässlin-Ehrhardt, 1991
  9. Martin Kippenberger
    Pictures of an Exhibition
    St. Louis, MO: Forum for Contemporary Art, 1993
    Out of stock
  10. Martin Kippenberger
    Martin Kippenberger : Villa Arson, 1990
    Nice, France: Villa Arson, 1990
    Out of stock
  11. Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen and Werner Büttner
    Malen ist Wahlen
    Munich, Germany: Kunstverein München, 1992
    Out of stock
  12. Martin Kippenberger
    Old Vienna Posters
    Graz, Austria: Grazer Kunstverein, 1992
    200 (of which 50 were signed and numbered)
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