Artists' Books by Christian Boltanski

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  • Les Habitants de Malmo        Christian Boltanski        Books        $350.00
  • Inventaire Des Objets Ayant Appartenu a Une Femme de Bois-Colombes        Christian Boltanski        Books / Artists’ Books        $900.00
  • Géo Harly danseur parodiste        Christian Boltanski        Books / Out of Print Books        $300.00
  • El Caso        Christian Boltanski        Books / Small Books        $2,000.00
  • Lost : New York Projects        Christian Boltanski        Books / Catalogs        $10.00
  • Reconstitution        Christian Boltanski        Books        $150.00

Boltanski’s characteristically memorial artworks deal in the inhuman substrates of paper and ink, registries and filing cabinets that make up the vast archive of modern life. His Borgesian approach lends itself to the codex, the box, and the printed multiple of which these are rare examples. In working primarily with typescript and photograph—two bureaucratic functionaries par excellence—Boltanski resists their amnesiac banality and instead makes apparent what would otherwise be erased or consigned to a storeroom/archive. See for instance, Les Inhabitants de Malmö, which reproduces the 1993 phonebook for Malmö, Sweden but with an insert listing all the residents who died that same year.

This Table includes a selection of titles from the artist dating back to the mid-Seventies, as well as his edition for Parkett No. 22

  1. Christian Boltanski
    Géo Harly danseur parodiste
    Dijon, France: Art & Art, 1988
  2. Christian Boltanski
    Les Habitants de Malmo
    Malmo, Sweden: Malmö Konsthall, 1993
  3. Christian Boltanski
    Inventaire Des Objets Ayant Appartenu a Une Femme de Bois-Colombes
    Paris, France: Magasin and Centre National D'Art Contemporain, 1974
  4. Christian Boltanski
    El Caso
    New York, NY: General idea, 1988
    Out of stock
  5. Christian Boltanski
    Lost : New York Projects
    New York, NY: The Public Art Fund, 1995
    Out of stock
  6. Christian Boltanski
    London ; Eindhoven ; Grenoble, England ; The Netherlands ; France: Van Abbemuseum, Whitechapel and Musee de Grenoble, 1990
    size unknown
    Out of stock
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