• 10,000 FRANCS REWARD        Marcel Broodthaers        Books / Artists’ Books        $12.00
  • Uranus #1        Carlo Quispe, Mike Diana and and Shane Uht        Books / Artists’ Books        $25.00
  • Futureways        Rita McBride, Laura Cottingham, Nick Crowe, Aline Duriaud, Nico Israel, Matthew Licht, Peter Maass, Alexandre Melo, Glen Rubsamen, David Schafer, Rutger Wolfson, Leonard Nimoy, Joseph Beuys and Michael Sandler        Books        $4.00
  • The High Line : A Field Guide and Handbook        Ethan Hauser, Mark Dion, Jorge Colombo and Naomi Reis        Books / Artists’ Books        $15.00
  • New York Testament        Dawn Kim        Books / Artists’ Books        $15.00
  • And Yet My Mask is Powerful        Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme        Books / Artists’ Books        $18.00
  • Alarme        Brion Gysin        Books        $18.00
  • Printer Prosthetic: Futura        Federico Pérez Villoro and Christopher Hamamoto        Books / Artists’ Books        $15.00
  • Abraham Lincoln        Rachel Harrison        Books        $30.00
  • A Field Guide To Weeds        Kim Beck        Books        $25.00
  • Wild Blue Yonder        Lawrence Weiner        Books / Artists’ Books        $25.00

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