Contemporary Artists' Books Conference 2014 Speakers

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  • This is Not My Wife        Erik van der Weijde        Books        $28.00
  • Drive-Thru        Gary Kachadourian        Books / Artists’ Books        $8.00
  • Original Plumbing        Amos Mac and Rocco Kayiatos        Periodicals        $9.00
  • Frank Peter John Dick        K8 Hardy        Periodicals        $25.00
  • Run 6        Susan Cianciolo        Audio & Video        $45.00
  • World War 3 Illustrated        World War 3        Periodicals        $2.00
  • House of Coates        Brad Zellar and Lester B. Morrison        Books        $34.00
  • Rear Window        Erik van der Weijde        Books / Zines        $15.00
  • How To : Untitled Runway Show        K8 Hardy        Books        $40.00
  • The Woman of the Crowd        Susan Cianciolo and Cone Denim        Books        $42.00
  • LBM Dispatch #1 : Ohio        Alec Soth and Brad Zellar        Books / Prints        $350.00
  • Sanctus Sonorensis        Philip Zimmermann        Books / Artists’ Books        $50.00
  • JAB        Brad Freeman        Books        $15.00
Books by some of the speakers at the 2014 Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference, held September 26-27 at PS1 as part of Printed Matter’s annual NY Art Book Fair. The full conference program can be seen at
  1. Philip Zimmermann
    Sanctus Sonorensis
    Tucson, AZ: Spaceheater Editions, 2009
    Zimmermann's books were studied in the panel session Furthering the Critical Dialogue.
  2. Erik van der Weijde
    This is Not My Wife
    Zurich: Rollo Press and 4478 Zine, 2012
    Erik van der Weijde presented in the pecha kucha session.
  3. Erik van der Weijde
    Rear Window
    Southport, England: Café Royal Books, 2010
    Out of stock
  4. Gary Kachadourian
    Baltimore, MD: Gary Kachadourian, 2014
    Gary presented in the pecha kucha.
  5. Amos Mac and Rocco Kayiatos
    Original Plumbing
    San Francisco, CA: Original Plumbing, 2014
    Out of stock
    Amos Mac presented in the pecha kucha session too!
  6. K8 Hardy
    Frank Peter John Dick
    Brooklyn, NY: Capricious, 2011
    Out of stock
    K8 appeared on the panel Off the Runway: Print as Performance in Contemporary Fashion.
  7. K8 Hardy
    How To : Untitled Runway Show
    Paris, France: DoPe Press, 2013
    Out of stock
  8. Susan Cianciolo
    Run 6
    New York, NY: Alleged Press and A. Rose
    Out of stock
    Susan also appeared on the panel Off the Runway: Print as Performance in Contemporary Fashion.
  9. Susan Cianciolo and Cone Denim
    The Woman of the Crowd
    New York, NY: Cone Denim, 2006
    Out of stock
  10. World War 3
    World War 3 Illustrated
    New York, NY: 1986
    Out of stock
    Co-founder Peter Kuper spoke during the session Ceci n'est pas une comic: Graphic Novels, Contemporary Art, and The Public.
  11. Brad Zellar and Lester B. Morrison
    House of Coates
    St. Paul, MN: Little Brown Mushroom, 2012
    Out of stock
    Brad Zellar appeared on the Photo Meets Text panel session.
  12. Alec Soth and Brad Zellar
    LBM Dispatch #1 : Ohio
    Minneapolis, MN: Little Brown Mushroom, 2012
    Out of stock
  13. Brad Freeman
    Chicago, IL: Center for Book and Paper Arts, 2009
    Contributor Cynthia Marsh appeared on the Critical Dialogue panel, discussing the work of Phil Zimmermann. Also, Tony White was the guest editor of this issue of JAB. Tony organized and moderated the Critical Dialogue session and the pecha kucha, and serves on the conference planning committee.
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