Elisabeth Tonnard

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  • The Man of the Crowd        Elisabeth Tonnard        Books        $65.00
  • The Story of a Young Gentleman        Elisabeth Tonnard        Books / Signed        $45.00
  • Enduring Freedom : The Poetry Of The President        Elisabeth Tonnard        Books / Signed        $25.00
  • The Gospel of the Photographer        Elisabeth Tonnard        Books / Signed        $33.00
  • A Dialogue in Useful Phrases        Elisabeth Tonnard        Books        $50.00
  • In This Dark Wood        Elisabeth Tonnard        Books        $35.00
  • Two of Us        Elisabeth Tonnard        Books        $80.00
  • The Kingdom        Elisabeth Tonnard        Books        $50.00
  • ABC Reviews        Elisabeth Tonnard        Books        $14.00
  • Oceanus        Elisabeth Tonnard        Books        $50.00

Elisabeth Tonnard is a Dutch artist and poet working in artists’ books, photography and literature. She has published thirty books that are included in international collections and exhibited widely. Much of her work involves responding to existing books, texts and images, reworking them into poetry, and creating photographic visual narratives.

Several of Tonnard’s books appropriate the physical form of the novel. Traditionally printed and bound with unassuming covers, books like THE STORY OF A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, TWO OF US and IN THIS DARK WOOD do not announce themselves as artists’ books, disguising them just as their contents challenge the divide between artists’ book and literature.

THE STORY OF A YOUNG GENTLEMAN includes the entirety of War and Peace, written in miniscule type and couched within a minimalist narrative of Tonnard’s own devising.

TWO OF US constructs a visual narrative from street photographs of pairs of people walking, combining the images with a poem by Baudelaire in a reflection on the concept of the double described by Baudelaire, Benjamin, and Freud.

IN THIS DARK WOOD, similarly novel-like in size and bearing, opens to reveal Tonnard’s haunting meditation on urban alienation in America: 90 unique English translations of the first three lines of Dante’s Inferno are each accompanied by a different photograph of a person walking alone in a city at night, resituating their modern solitude, with Dante’s words, into an ancient narrative of human isolation.

  1. Elisabeth Tonnard
    Enduring Freedom : The Poetry Of The President
    Leerdam, The Netherlands: E. Tonnard, 2011
  2. Elisabeth Tonnard
    The Man of the Crowd
    Leerdam, The Netherlands: Elisabeth Tonnard, 2012
  3. Elisabeth Tonnard
    The Story of a Young Gentleman
    Leerdam, The Netherlands: Elisabeth Tonnard, 2011
  4. Elisabeth Tonnard
    The Gospel of the Photographer
    Leerdam, The Netherlands: Elisabeth Tonnard, 2013
    Out of stock
  5. Elisabeth Tonnard
    Two of Us
    Rochester, NY: Visual Studies Workshop, 2007
    Out of stock
  6. Elisabeth Tonnard
    A Dialogue in Useful Phrases
    Acquoy, The Netherlands: E. Tonnard, 2010
  7. Elisabeth Tonnard
    In This Dark Wood
    New York, NY: J&L Books, 2013
    Out of stock
  8. Elisabeth Tonnard
    The Kingdom
    Leerdam, The Netherlands: Elisabeth Tonnard, 2013
  9. Elisabeth Tonnard
    E. Tonnard, 2007
    Out of stock
  10. Elisabeth Tonnard
    ABC Reviews
    Leerdam, The Netherlands: E. Tonnard, 2011
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