Science by Artists & New Data

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  • Exploited Subjects        Bernar Venet        Books / Artists’ Books        $65.00
  • Conch        Susan Happersett        Books / Small Books        $13.00
  • Equivalents        Michael J. Winkler        Books / Artists’ Books        $6.00
  • Matter        Bill Sullivan, Johan Rosenmunthe, Matthew Gamber and Caleb Charland        Books / Artists’ Books        $40.00
  • Extreme Measures        Michael J. Winkler        Books / Artists’ Books        $10.00
  • Bloemen        Susan Happersett        Books / Small Books        $13.00
  • The Plummet Machine        Matthew C. Lange        Books        $3.00
  • PR(x) = Replication, Reconstruction        Rob Kulisek and Michael Adno        Books        $18.00
  • Everything and Nothing        Kurt Johannessen        Books / Artists’ Books        $27.00
  • The New Natural History        Niels Staal                $20.00
  • Un Sedicesimo        Pietro Corraini        Books        $8.00

A selection of books dealing with data and collections, algorithms and formulae both real and synthesized. Michael Winkler and Susan Happersett engineer their own systems for organizing data, generating visual patterns that vacillate between abstract and legible. “Matter” and “Exploited Subjects” both take the work of physicists as jumping-off points and play with how scientific concepts can be illustrated, unveiling aesthetic connections between art and science. “Abstract Forecast” appropriates and re-presents scientific imagery to speculate on weather patterns in a way that conceals the absence of actual data. " The Plummet Machine" offers a critique of the social and philosophical formations that govern enunciation through an elaborate schematic of moving parts.

  1. Bill Sullivan, Johan Rosenmunthe, Matthew Gamber and Caleb Charland
    Copenhagen, Denmark: Vandret Publications, 2014
    Out of stock
  2. Bernar Venet
    Exploited Subjects
    [New York], [NY]: Multiples Inc. and Inc.], [1970]
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  3. Michael J. Winkler
    New York, NY: Michael Winkler, 1987
  4. Michael J. Winkler
    Extreme Measures
    New York, NY: Michael Winkler, 1988
    size unknown
  5. Susan Happersett
    New York, NY: Purgatory Pie Press, 1999
    Out of stock
  6. Susan Happersett
    New York, NY: Purgatory Pie Press, 1999
    Out of stock
  7. Pietro Corraini
    Un Sedicesimo
    Mantova, Italy: Corraini Edizioni, 2013
  8. Matthew C. Lange
    The Plummet Machine
    Brooklyn, NY:
  9. Rob Kulisek and Michael Adno
    PR(x) = Replication, Reconstruction
    Brooklyn, NY: Michael Adno and Rob Kulisek, 2013
  10. Kurt Johannessen
    Everything and Nothing
    Bergen, Norway: Zeth Forlag, 2009
  11. Niels Staal
    The New Natural History
    Out of stock
Last updated 6/25/2014