Movimento de Arte Pornô 1980-1982

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  • 24        Eduardo Kac        Books / Artists’ Books        $250.00
  • Escracho        Eduardo Kac        Books / Artists’ Books        $520.00
  • Antolorgia (Antolorgy)        Eduardo Kac and Cairo Assis Trindade        Books / Artists’ Books        $645.00
  • GANG 3        Eduardo Kac, Paulo Leminski and Glauco Mattoso        Books / Zines        $340.00
  • Jornal Dobrabil        Glauco Mattoso        Books / Artists’ Books        $480.00
  • Bang! A Gang Invade o Western Club        Ota (Otacílio D'Assunção Barros)        Ephemera        $120.00
  • Pornô Comics        Ota (Otacílio D'Assunção Barros)        Books / Artists’ Books        $220.00

The Porn Art Movement (Movimento de Arte Pornô) was a transgressive Brazilian avant-garde movement that started in 1980 and ended in 1982. The movement took place under a military dictatorship and pioneered the use of pornography both as a form of political resistance and as an innovative art medium. The movement was formally experimental, politically progressive and socially non-normative. It used the word “porn” deliberately but it did not produce conventional pornography. Rather, it rejected erotica, which was accepted by the dictatorship, and subverted the logic of pornography to create social, political and aesthetic alternatives that employed humor, scatology, surprise, poetry, performance, body politics and pansexuality. Organized and coordinated activities ended in 1982, but isolated performances were realized and publications came out until 1984. The book Antolorgia, published in 1984, was the last publication of the movement. The Porn Art Movement used media and genres such as Performances, Visual Poetry, Graffiti, Drawing, Photography, Cartoon, Comics, Objects, Rubber Stamps, Stickers, Typewriters, Events, and the Graphic Arts. Members included: Eduardo Kac, Glauco Mattoso, Hudinilson Jr., Teresa Jardim, Bráulio Tavares, Ota, Cairo Trindade, Cynthia Dorneles, and Leila Míccolis. PLEASE NOTE: Only single copies of each item are available, on a first served basis.

  1. Eduardo Kac
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Gang Edições, 1981
    Out of stock
  2. Eduardo Kac
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Eduardo Kac, 1983
  3. Eduardo Kac, Paulo Leminski and Glauco Mattoso
    GANG 3
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Eduardo Kac, 1981
    unspecified edition of approximately 200
    Out of stock
  4. Glauco Mattoso
    Jornal Dobrabil
    São Paulo, Brazil: Iluminuras, 2001
    Approximately 1000
  5. Ota (Otacílio D'Assunção Barros)
    Pornô Comics
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Ota, 1982
    Approximately 1000
    Out of stock
  6. Ota (Otacílio D'Assunção Barros)
    Bang! A Gang Invade o Western Club
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Ota, 1982
  7. Eduardo Kac and Cairo Assis Trindade
    Antolorgia (Antolorgy)
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: CODECRI, 1984
    Approximately 1000
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