Books by Richard Long

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  • Mexico        Richard Long        Books        $75.00
  • Richard Long: Books Prints Printed Matter        Richard Long        Out of Print / Catalogs        $10.00
  • Five, Six, Pick up Sticks / Seven, Eight, Lay Them Straight        Richard Long        Books / Artists’ Books        $40.00
  • No Where        Richard Long        Books        $75.00
  • Richard Long : Midday        Richard Long        Books / Catalogs        $65.00
  • Selected Walks 1979 - 1996        Richard Long        Books        $24.00
  • Postcards 1968 - 1982        Richard Long        Books        $90.00
  • Richard Long        Richard Long        Books / Catalogs        $50.00
  • Aggie Weston’s No. 16        Aggie Weston’s and Richard Long        Books / Out of Print Books        $25.00
  • The North Woods        Richard Long        Books / Artists’ Books        $75.00
  • Richard Long : John Barleycorn        Richard Long        Books / Artists’ Books        $45.00
  • South America        Richard Long        Books        $55.00

Included here are a selection of vintage and reprinted artists’ books, catalogs and folded posters by and about the work of British artist Richard Long. Along with other ‘Earth Art’ artists, Long explored the simple act of utilizing the given landscape as a site for enacting artworks. In the course of his lengthy (often multi-day) explorations of the outdoors – through Japan, Canada, Iceland, Ireland and elsewhere – he often made understated gestural markings into the earth which served as both works of action, as well as sculptural pieces later transformed into text-works and photographs.

For his well known work “A line made by Walking,” the 22 year old Long walked back and forth through a small section of the English Countryside. The resulting pathway carved into the earth was photographed in black and white.

From Long:

In the nature of things:

Art about mobility, lightness and freedom.

Simple creative acts of walking and marking

about place, locality, time, distance and measurement.

Works using raw materials and my human scale

in the reality of landscapes.

  1. Richard Long
    Selected Walks 1979 - 1996
    Edinburgh, Scotland: Morning Star, 1999
    Out of stock
  2. Richard Long
    Richard Long : Midday
    Kleve, Germany: Museum Kurhaus Kleve, 2001
    Out of stock
  3. Richard Long
    No Where
    Orkney, Scotland: Pier Arts Centre, 1994
    Out of stock
  4. Richard Long
    Eindhoven, Netherlands: Van Abbemuseum, 1982
    Out of stock
  5. Richard Long
    Postcards 1968 - 1982
    Bordeaux, France: Capc Musée d'Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, 1984
  6. Richard Long
    Richard Long : John Barleycorn
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Stedelijk Museum, 1973
    Out of stock
  7. Richard Long
    Richard Long
    France: Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain Aquitaine, 1985
    Out of stock
  8. Aggie Weston's and Richard Long
    Aggie Weston’s No. 16
    London, England: Coracle Press, 1979
  9. Richard Long
    The North Woods
    London, United KIngdom: Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1997
  10. Richard Long
    South America
    Brest, France: Zédélé Éditions, 2012
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  11. Richard Long
    Five, Six, Pick up Sticks / Seven, Eight, Lay Them Straight
    London, UK: Anthony d'Offay Gallery, 1980
    Out of stock
  12. Richard Long
    Richard Long: Books Prints Printed Matter
    New York, NY: NY Public Library, 1994
    Out of stock
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