Selections from the 2017 NY Art Book Fair

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  • The Artists’ Prison        Alexandra Grant        Books / Artists’ Books        $35.00
  • NYC RIP        Miron Zownir        Books / Monographs        $60.00
  • Bruises        Samara Scott        Books / Artists’ Books        $25.00
  • WORD SQUARES        Karl Holmqvist        Books / Artists’ Books        $35.00
  • The Sun’s Shadow        Son Ni        Books / Artists’ Books        $18.00
  • Nachtatlas         Wouter Venema        Books / Artists’ Books        $26.00
  • Kako Enters the Moon Museum        Franziska Brandt, Moritz Grünke and Gloria Glitzer        Books / Artists’ Books        $26.00
  • The Hobbyist        Anna Planas, Pierre Hourquet and Thomas Seelig        Books / Artists’ Books        $25.00
  • Bootleg Grocery        Germes Gang        Books / Artists’ Books        $41.00
  • Russian Interiors        Andy Rocchelli        Books / Artists’ Books        $50.00
  • Second Life: Light Bulb 1977-81        Chip Chapman, editor        Books / Artists’ Books        $35.00
  • Good Afternoon Hong Kong        Chihoi        Editions / Multiples        $33.00
  • Too Good to Be Photographed        Paul Paper        Books / Artists’ Books        $35.00
  • Heat Death        Nickolas Mohanna        Books / Artists’ Books        $18.00
  • Santa Barbara Shame on US        Alejandro Cartagena        Books / Artists’ Books        $55.00
  • Sleep It Off        Yuri Ogita        Books / Zines        $10.00

A selection of new artists’ publications we picked up from independent publishers and small presses at this year’s NY Art Book Fair, including Lugemik (Estonia), Stolen Books (Portugal), nos: books (Taiwan), Coloured Publishing (Los Angeles), Cesura Publish (Italy), Loose Joints (UK), Gloria Glitzer (Germany), Extrapool/Knust (Netherlands), and more.

  1. Nickolas Mohanna
    Heat Death
    Paris, France: Lendroit Editions, 2017
  2. Alejandro Cartagena
    Santa Barbara Shame on US
    Jesi, Italy: Skinnerboox, 2017
    Out of stock
  3. Yuri Ogita
    Sleep It Off
    Los Angeles, CA: Coloured Publishing, 2017
    Out of stock
  4. Alexandra Grant
    The Artists’ Prison
    South Pasadena , CA: X Artists' Books, 2017
    Out of stock
  5. Miron Zownir
    Berlin, Germany: Pogo Books, 2015
    Out of stock
  6. Samara Scott
    London, UK: Loose Joints, 2017
    Out of stock
  7. Karl Holmqvist
    Berlin, Germany: Motto Books and Compagnia, 2017
    Out of stock
  8. Son Ni
    The Sun’s Shadow
    Taipei, Taiwan: nos:books, 2017
    Out of stock
  9. Wouter Venema
    Nijmegen, Netherlands: Knust Extrapool, 2017
  10. Franziska Brandt, Moritz Grünke and Gloria Glitzer
    Kako Enters the Moon Museum
    Berlin, Germany: Gloria Glitzer, 2017
    Out of stock
  11. Anna Planas, Pierre Hourquet and Thomas Seelig
    The Hobbyist
    Leipzig, Germany: Spector Books, 2017
    Out of stock
  12. Germes Gang
    Bootleg Grocery
    Lisbon, Portugal: Stolen Books, 2017
    Out of stock
  13. Andy Rocchelli
    Russian Interiors
    Pianello , Italy: Cesura Publish, 2015
    Out of stock
  14. Chip Chapman, editor
    Second Life: Light Bulb 1977-81
    Valencia, CA: East of Borneo Books, 2014
    Out of stock
  15. Chihoi
    Good Afternoon Hong Kong
    Taipei, Taiwan: nos:books, 2017
    Out of stock
  16. Paul Paper
    Too Good to Be Photographed
    Tallinn, Estonia: Lugemik, 2017
    Out of stock
Last updated 10/5/2017