Space Age Artists' Books

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  • Matchbox Galaxies        Virginia DuQuette        Books / Artists’ Books        $25.00
  • Negative Space        Mungo Thomson        Books        $29.00
  • Space Program Pocket Protector        Tom Sachs         / Multiples        $12.00
  • EVA ( Extra Vehicular Activity )        Tom Sachs        Books / Artists’ Books        $100.00
  • Wormhole Trip : Music for Time-Space Travel        Yan Jun        Audio & Video / CD        $15.00
  • Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora        Martin Naroznik        Books / Signed        $49.00
  • Shoburo        Tom Sachs        Books / Zines        $100.00
  • Sequence of Satellites        Rosa Lachenmeier        Books / Prints        $48.00
  • Lost In Space        Andrew Dodds        Books / Artists’ Books        $16.00
  • Einstein        Mungo Thomson        Books        $20.00
  • Fun in Space        James Prez        Books / Signed        $15.00
  • Space Photography        Jennifer Bolande        Books        $15.00
  • Notes From the Cosmic Typewriter        Nicola Simpson and Dom Sylvester Houedard        Books / Monographs        $41.00
  • Lost in Space        Dale Wittig                $4.00
  • Moon Rock Report        Tom Sachs        Books        $100.00
  • The Space Age Poster Book        Aleksandra Mir        Posters        $26.00

The vast expanse of outer space has long been a source of inspiration and fascination to artists  – perhaps the absence of physical material begs to be filled with speculation and imagery. Collected here are a series of titles by artists exploring the space that extends beyond our own earthly atmosphere.

Space Age Posters documents a performance piece by artist Aleksandra Mir in which, with an American flag in hand, she is seen scaling a moonscape of sand dunes and makeshift craters to become the first woman on the moon. The work offers her own take on popular cultural myths and historical events, combining religious iconography with NASA imagery or symbols of space travel.
Likewise, in Tom Sachs’ EVA, part of his Space Program zine series, the artist studies a series of actions by actors in an artificial lunar landing, in which the human presence in an infinite foreign space becomes a kind of absurdity. The language of science and mathematical calculation transforms the human being into an automatic and utilitarian tool for exploration.

Andrew Dodds’ Lost in Space studies the context of space travel as historical landmark in human history – the literal footprints left in the lunar surface by the human race express the need for significance in a vast and foreign environment.
On the opposite side of the spectrum is the mythical idea of space created by generations of sci-fi film, television programs and literature, full of sensational and sometimes playful imagery. The mystery of what lies beyond human knowledge leaves superstition and imagination a vast space to expand. Matchbox Galaxies and Einstein, No. 1 are two titles that explore the imaginary side of outer space.

  1. Tom Sachs
    New York, NY: Allied Cultural Prosthetics, 2012
    Out of stock
  2. Tom Sachs
    EVA ( Extra Vehicular Activity )
    New York, NY: Allied Cultural Prosthetics, 2012
    Out of stock
  3. Tom Sachs
    Space Program Pocket Protector
    New York, NY : Tom Sachs
    Out of stock
  4. Martin Naroznik
    Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora
    Vancouver, Canada: Etcullil Publishing, 2004
  5. Yan Jun
    Wormhole Trip : Music for Time-Space Travel
    Guangzhou, China: Kwanyin Records, The Shop and Sub Jam, 2009
    Out of stock
  6. James Prez
    Fun in Space
    Brooklyn, NY: Back East Press, 2008
  7. Andrew Dodds
    Lost In Space
    London, England: Book Works, 2006
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  8. Mungo Thomson
    Los Angeles, CA: M. Thomson, 2008
  9. Rosa Lachenmeier
    Sequence of Satellites
    Basel, Switzerland: BookArt, 1992
    Out of stock
  10. Virginia DuQuette
    Matchbox Galaxies
    Brooklyn, NY: V. DuQuette, 1999
    Out of stock
  11. Jennifer Bolande
    Space Photography
    Pasadena, CA: ZG Press, 2010
  12. Dale Wittig
    Lost in Space
    San Fran., CA: D. Wittig
    Out of stock
  13. Nicola Simpson and Dom Sylvester Houedard
    Notes From the Cosmic Typewriter
    London, UK: Occasional Papers, 2012
    Out of stock
  14. Mungo Thomson
    Negative Space
    Zurich, Switzerland: JRP Ringier, 2007
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  15. Tom Sachs
    Moon Rock Report
    New York, NY: Allied Cultural Prosthetics, 2012
    Out of stock
  16. Aleksandra Mir
    The Space Age Poster Book
    Berlin, Germany: M – Museum Leuven and Sternberg Press, November 2013
    Out of stock
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