Paul Chan and Badlands Unlimited

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  • Waiting For Godot In New Orleans: A Field Guide        Paul Chan        Books / Catalogs        $45.00
  • Marcel Duchamp : The Afternoon Interviews        Calvin Tomkins        Books        $16.00
  • Hans Ulrich Obrist : Think Like Clouds        Michael Dier        Books / Artists’ Books        $39.00
  • Sade For Fonts Sake        Paul Chan        Audio & Video / CD        $70.00
  • Phaedrus Pron        Paul Chan        Books        $25.00
  • On Democracy by Saddam Hussein        Paul Chan        Books        $15.00
  • Tin Drum Trilogy        Paul Chan        Posters / Signed        $100.00
  • Paul Chan : Selected Writings 2000-2014        Paul Chan        Books / Artists’ Writings        $25.00
  • Untitled : After a Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man, 2009        Paul Chan        PM Fundraising Editions / Signed        $850.00

Paul Chan gave the keynote address at the 2012 Contemporary Artists’ Books
Conference, held as part of Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair at PS1.

The following video records his talk and slideshow.

  1. Paul Chan
    Phaedrus Pron
    New York, NY: Badlands Unlimited, 2010
  2. Paul Chan
    Waiting For Godot In New Orleans: A Field Guide
    New York, NY: Creative Time, 2010
    Out of stock
  3. Calvin Tomkins
    Marcel Duchamp : The Afternoon Interviews
    Brooklyn, NY: Badlands Unlimited, 2013
  4. Michael Dier
    Hans Ulrich Obrist : Think Like Clouds
    Brooklyn, NY: Badlands Unlimited, 2014
  5. Paul Chan
    Sade For Fonts Sake
    Brooklyn, NY: National Philistine Digital Press, 2009
  6. Paul Chan
    On Democracy by Saddam Hussein
    Athens and Brooklyn, Greece and NY: Deste Foundation for Contemporary Arts and Badlands Unlimited, 2012
    Out of stock
  7. Paul Chan
    Tin Drum Trilogy

  8. Paul Chan
    Paul Chan : Selected Writings 2000-2014
    New York and Münchenstein, New York and Switzerland: Badlands Unlimited, Schaulager and Laurenz Foundation, 2014
  9. Paul Chan
    Untitled : After a Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man, 2009
    New York, NY: Printed Matter Inc., 2009
Last updated 4/11/2014