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  • Linder: Woman / Object        Linder        Books / Catalogs        $35.00
  • The Silver Lining        Misha Hollenbach        Books        $14.00
  • Shadow Architecture at the Crossroads Annual 19X        Paul Zelevansky        Books        $40.00
  • The Arrangement        Ruth Van Beek        Books        $46.00
  • The Intelligent Woman’s Guide To Art        Robin Kahn        Books        $16.00
  • Format        Sarah Crowner        Books        $20.00
  • Celebrity Portraits        James Prez        Books / Signed        $25.00
  • Art-Rite        Walter Robinson, Edit DeAk, Art-Rite and Joshua Cohn        Periodicals / Out of Print Periodicals        $25.00
  • Briar Rose        Dale Wittig        Books        $10.00
  • Fanzini 1975        John Jack Baylin, Fanzini and John Dowd        Books / Zines        $5.00
  • The Sinking Bear, A Newsletter        Ray Johnson and Soren Agenoux        Books        $85.00
  • Royal Orphan        Amber Ibarreche        Books / Artists’ Books        $20.00
  • How To : Untitled Runway Show        K8 Hardy        Books        $40.00
  • Porno Kommunistisk Universitet        Jesper Fabricius        Books        $12.00
  • Poison America        Sharon Gilbert        Books        $20.00

Consumer culture has reached an apex! And it’s easier than ever to reproduce an infinite amount of images. With more immaterial material than ever up for grabs, what better time to reexamine artworks that confront feelings of fragmentation, randomness and abundance of imagery by piecing apart and re-assembling what already exists?

Cutting and pasting, ripping and taping, collage artists appropriate and alter society’s excess materials. Advertisements, newspapers, textbooks, found correspondences, photographs, works by other artists—all are equally open to modification in this selection of titles.

The books on this table are both abstract and narrative, beautiful and sexual, funny, scary, and down right disorienting. The variety of themes present here speak to the flexibility of collage as a medium and its continuing relevance as a practice.

This collection is just a small sampling of titles that feature collage available at Printed Matter— search the site by the “theme” collage to find hundreds more!

  1. Walter Robinson, Edit DeAk, Art-Rite and Joshua Cohn
    New York, NY: Art-Rite Publishing, 1978
    size unknown
  2. Sharon Gilbert
    Poison America
    New York, NY: S. Gilbert, 1988
  3. Dale Wittig
    Briar Rose
    San Francisco, CA: D. Wittig, 1994
    size unknown
  4. John Jack Baylin, Fanzini and John Dowd
    Fanzini 1975
    Toronto, Canada: Art Metropole, 1975
    Out of stock
  5. Linder
    Linder: Woman / Object
    Köln, Germany: Walther König and Köln, 2013
    Out of stock
  6. Amber Ibarreche
    Royal Orphan
    New York , NY : Capricious
  7. K8 Hardy
    How To : Untitled Runway Show
    Paris, France: DoPe Press, 2013
    Out of stock
  8. Sarah Crowner
    New York: Primry Information, 2012
    size unknown
  9. James Prez
    Celebrity Portraits
    Brooklyn, NY: J. Prez, 2008
    Out of stock
  10. Misha Hollenbach
    The Silver Lining
    New York, NY: Decathlon Books, 2010
    Out of stock
  11. Jesper Fabricius
    Porno Kommunistisk Universitet
    Leipzieg, Germany: J. Fabricius and Lubok Verlag, 2012
    Out of stock
  12. Ray Johnson and Soren Agenoux
    The Sinking Bear, A Newsletter
    New York, NY: Boo-Hooray and Division Leap, 2013
  13. Ruth Van Beek
    The Arrangement
    Paris, France: RVB Books, 2013
    Out of stock
  14. Robin Kahn
    The Intelligent Woman’s Guide To Art
    New York, NY: Mis Dias Press, 2006
  15. Paul Zelevansky
    Shadow Architecture at the Crossroads Annual 19X
    New York, NY: CNC, 1988
    size unknown
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