Sally Alatalo: Romance Novels

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  • A Rearranged Affair        Sally Alatalo        Books / Artists’ Books        $19.00
  • The Tempestuous Romance        Sally Alatalo        Books / Small Books        $5.00
  • Love Takes Two/The Other Side        Sally Alatalo writing as Anita M-28 and Sal Clarke        Books / Artists’ Books        $250.00
  • AN ARRANGED AFFAIR        Sally Alatalo        Books / Artists’ Books        $15.00
  • Unforeseen Alliances        Anita M-28        Books / Artists’ Books        $10.00

On occasion of Sally Alatalo: Narrative in Revision, this table brings together a selection of Romance-related titles from the artist. Alatalo’s work mines the images and texts of different pulp genres to examine ideas of feminism, sexuality, and domesticity.

  1. Sally Alatalo
    A Rearranged Affair
    Chicago, IL: Sara Ranchouse Publishing, 1996
    Out of stock
  2. Sally Alatalo
    The Tempestuous Romance
    Chicago, IL: Pussykat, 1985
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  3. Sally Alatalo writing as Anita M-28 and Sal Clarke
    Love Takes Two/The Other Side
    Chicago, IL: Sara Ranchouse Publishing, 2006
    size unknown
  4. Anita M-28
    Unforeseen Alliances
    Chicago, IL: Sara Ranchouse Publishing, 2001
    750 aprox.
    Out of stock
  5. Sally Alatalo
    New York, New York: Printed Matter Inc., 2017
Last updated 1/17/2018