Aperture PhotoBook Awards

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  • Carretera Nacional        Melba Arellano        Books / Artists’ Books        $40.00
  • El Jardín de Senderos Que Se Bifurcan        Tarrah Krajnak        Books / Artists’ Books        $60.00
  • Electronic Landscapes: Music, Space and Resistance in Detroit        Isaac Diggs and Edward Hillel        Books / Monographs        $150.00
  • EverWonderful        Jeano Edwards        Books / Artists’ Books        $50.00
  • Family Stranger        Wiosna van Bon        Books / Artists’ Books        $45.00
  • Hello Future        Farah Al Qasimi        Books / Artists’ Books        $65.00
  • Leaving and Waving        Deanna Dikeman        Books / Artists’ Books        $60.00
  • Mastering the Elements        Jana Hartmann        Books / Artists’ Books        $52.00
  • Pass It On. Private Stories, Public Histories                Books / Artists’ Books        $23.00
  • Piccola Russia        Andrea Alessandrini        Books / Artists’ Books        $24.00
  • Book Play        Eva Veldhoen        Books / Artists’ Books        $65.00
  • Remnants of an Exodus        Al J Thompson        Books / Monographs        $42.00
  • Take it From Here        Zora J Murff and Rana Young        Books / Artists’ Books        $40.00
  • Untitled        Sasha Phyars-Burgess        Books / Artists’ Books        $65.00
  • Weathering Time        Nancy Floyd        Books / Artists’ Books        $80.00
  • What are you looking for?        Luke Le        Books / Artists’ Books        $44.00
  • What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843–1999        Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich        Books / Monographs        $85.00
  • You can call me Nana        Will Harris        Books / Artists’ Books        $39.00
  • Why can’t bras have Buttons?        Indu Antony        Books / Artists’ Books        $68.00

A selection of books from the 2021 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards, including shortlisted titles and two winning photobooks by Russet Lederman & Olga Yatskevich and Sasha Phyars-Burgess

  1. Melba Arellano
    Carretera Nacional
    Los Sumergidos, 2021
  2. Tarrah Krajnak
    El Jardín de Senderos Que Se Bifurcan
    Casper, WY: Dais Books, 2021
    Out of stock
  3. Isaac Diggs and Edward Hillel
    Electronic Landscapes: Music, Space and Resistance in Detroit
    Long Island City, NY: Kris Graves Projects, 2021
    Out of stock
  4. Jeano Edwards
    NY: Morant Studios, 2021
    Out of stock
  5. Wiosna van Bon
    Family Stranger
    Breda, Netherlands: The Eriskay Connection, 2021
  6. Farah Al Qasimi
    Hello Future
    New York, NY: Capricious, 2021
    Out of stock
  7. Deanna Dikeman
    Leaving and Waving
    Chose Commune
    Out of stock
  8. Jana Hartmann
    Mastering the Elements
    Breda, Netherlands: The Eriskay Connection, 2021
    Out of stock

  9. Pass It On. Private Stories, Public Histories
    Duivendrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands: Meteoro Editions and Fotodok, 2021
    Out of stock
  10. Andrea Alessandrini
    Piccola Russia
    Torino, Italy: Witty Books, 2021
    Out of stock
  11. Eva Veldhoen
    Book Play
    Utrecht, The Netherlands: E. Veldhoen, 2021
    Out of stock
  12. Al J Thompson
    Remnants of an Exodus
    Portland, OR: Gnomic Book, 2021
    Out of stock
  13. Zora J Murff and Rana Young
    Take it From Here
    Columbia, MO: theretherenow., 2020
    Out of stock
  14. Sasha Phyars-Burgess
    New York, NY: Capricious, 2020
  15. Nancy Floyd
    Weathering Time
    London, UK: GOST Books, 2021
  16. Luke Le
    What are you looking for?
    Melbourne, Australia: Perimeter Editions, 2021
    Out of stock
  17. Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich
    What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843–1999
    New York, NY: 10x10 Photobooks, 2021
  18. Will Harris
    You can call me Nana
    London, UK: Overlapse, 2021
    Out of stock
  19. Indu Antony
    Why can’t bras have Buttons?
    Bangalore, India: Mazhi Books, 2021
    Out of stock
Last updated 2/4/2022