War and Militarism: Memorials, Testimony, Critique and Indictment

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  • The Nam        Fiona Banner        Books        $500.00
  • Force Grim Force : Violence is Legitimate Politics        Louise Odes Neaderland        Books        $35.00
  • The Recent History and Destruction of Lebanon        Carolee Schneemann        Books        $15.00
  • Wedge        Phil Mariani, Brian Wallis and wedge        Periodicals        $20.00
  • Che / Loro        Leandro Katz        Books / Signed        $75.00
  • Action Poses        Sharon Gilbert        Books / Small Books        $6.00
  • Dark is the Room Where We Sleep        Francesc Torres        Books        $52.00
  • Desert Storm: Remember to Remember        Michael Jones and Michael Loderstedt        Books / Signed        $50.00
  • Memories of Terror from a Safe Distance        Christoph Draeger        Books / Catalogs        $39.00
  • 100 Boots        Eleanor Antin        Books        $20.00
  • Torture is Barbaric Wooden Postcard [Red Text]        Jenny Holzer        Postcards / Multiples        $20.00
  • 1000 Coordinates of Violence        Miranda Maher        Books / Artists’ Books        $25.00

With armed conflicts raging across the world, and with the U.S. mired in its so called “war on terror”, the 21st century continues where the 20th century left off. Throughout human history, art has long addressed the theme of war and its consequences, usually within the broad mythic framework of heroism and tragedy. But in more recent history, from Goya to Guernica to the Guerilla Art Action Group, the tone of the art work dealing with the theme of war has become increasingly critical and complex. This sampling of artists’ publications represents a range of perspectives and attitudes in response to armed conflict.

  1. Fiona Banner
    The Nam
    London, England: Frith Street Books, 1997
    Out of stock
  2. Louise Odes Neaderland
    Force Grim Force : Violence is Legitimate Politics
    New York, NY: Louise Neaderland, 1983
    size unknown
  3. Carolee Schneemann
    The Recent History and Destruction of Lebanon
    New York, NY: C. Schneemann, 1983
    Out of stock
  4. Phil Mariani, Brian Wallis and wedge
    New York, NY: Phil Mariani and Brian Wallis, 1984
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  5. Leandro Katz
    Che / Loro
    New York, NY: L. Katz, 1997
  6. Sharon Gilbert
    Action Poses
    New York, NY: S. Gilbert, 1991
    Out of stock
  7. Francesc Torres
    Dark is the Room Where We Sleep
    Barcelona, Spain: Actar
    Out of stock
  8. Michael Jones and Michael Loderstedt
    Desert Storm: Remember to Remember
    Akron, OH: M. Jones, 1991
    Out of stock
  9. Christoph Draeger
    Memories of Terror from a Safe Distance
    Frankfurt, Germany: Revolver, 2003
  10. Eleanor Antin
    100 Boots
    Philadelphia, PA: Running Press, 1999
  11. Jenny Holzer
    Torture is Barbaric Wooden Postcard [Red Text]
    New York, NY: J. Holzer and Printed Matter Inc.
  12. Miranda Maher
    1000 Coordinates of Violence
    Brooklyn, NY: Horse in a Storm Press, 2001
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