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  • Anarchic Sexual Desires of Plain Unmarried Schoolteachers         Chris McCormack (editor)        Books / Artists’ Books        $16.00
  • Notes on My Dunce Cap        Jesse Ball        Books / Monographs        $20.00
  • Snoopy Shoelaces        Ken Kagami        Editions / Multiples        $12.00
  • School Photograph        Sophie Arnold        Books / Small Books        $20.00
  • School: Women And Japanese Culture                 / Zines        $10.00
  • Notes for an Art School        Florian Waldvogel        Books        $20.00
  • Never Finish Grad School        Awkward Ladies Club        Books        $3.00
  • Doodle Diary & Sticker Book        Angelica Londono        Books / Artists’ Books        $40.00
  • Photoshop Class , April 2011        Raphael Peter Lukas         / Zines        $10.00
  • Composition Book        Gordon Powell        Books        $20.00
  • How the Sausage Gets Made I        Michael Patrick O'Brien        Books / Artists’ Books        $16.00
  • Untitled [Girl with Ponytail]        Mark Gonzales        Editions / Prints        $125.00

Summer’s coming to an end which means it’s time to hang up your sandy swim trunks and trade them in for fresh school supplies. What’s on our back to school list? A composition notebook filled with small scale abstract paintings and a supplementary essay by James Yood, a Five Star notebook exploring the juxtaposition of errored physic notes and seemingly unrelated photography. Let Mark Gonzales’s Untitled [Girl with Ponytail] inspire your next blue pen on lined paper doodle. Wondering what your teachers were up to all summer? Chris McCormark’s Anarchic Sexual Desires of Plain Unmarried Schoolteachers may spark your curiosity. Notes on My Dunce Cap explores pedagogy in terms of hierarchy in classrooms and alternative contexts of education. Never Finish Grad School empathizes with those questioning their own pursuits of a degree, while Notes For an Art School questions the ideological structures of art schools based on a collection of artist’s own experiences.

  1. Mark Gonzales
    Untitled [Girl with Ponytail]
    New York, NY: Printed Matter Inc., 2010
    50 + 10 A.P.s
    Out of stock
  2. Ken Kagami
    Snoopy Shoelaces
    San Francisco, CA: The Thing Quarterly, July 2016
    Out of stock

  3. School: Women And Japanese Culture
    Tokyo, Japan: Tiny Person, 2010
    Out of stock
  4. Sophie Arnold
    School Photograph
    New York, NY: Sophie Arnold, 2013
    Out of stock
  5. Florian Waldvogel
    Notes for an Art School
    Portland, OR: Publication Studio
    Out of stock
  6. Angelica Londono
    Doodle Diary & Sticker Book
    Miami, FL: Portable Editions, 2014
  7. Raphael Peter Lukas
    Photoshop Class , April 2011
    Los Angeles, CA: I Never Read, 2013
  8. Gordon Powell
    Composition Book
    River Forest, IL: Gordon Powell, 2011
  9. Chris McCormack (editor)
    Anarchic Sexual Desires of Plain Unmarried Schoolteachers
    London, UK : Selected Press , 2015
    Out of stock
  10. Michael Patrick O'Brien
    How the Sausage Gets Made I
    Houston, TX: Michael Patrick O'Brien, 2014
    open edition
  11. Awkward Ladies Club
    Never Finish Grad School
    Alameda, CA: A. Burek, 2012
    open edition
    Out of stock
  12. Jesse Ball
    Notes on My Dunce Cap
    Brooklyn, NY: Pioneer Works, 2016
    Out of stock
Last updated 9/20/2016