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  • Dedicated to the Warmest Flugelhorn Tone        Claudio Moser        Books        $52.00
  • Wayne Sides         Wayne Sides        Books / Artists’ Books        $20.00
  • Mes Vacances Avec Holga        Frederic Lebain        Books / Artists’ Books        $30.00
  • Dad’s Office        Nigel Shafran        Books        $35.00
  • Ransacked        Nancy Holt        Books / Artists’ Books        $12.00
  • This Is Not America Either        Balazs Czeizel        Books / Artists’ Books        $25.00

Although contemporary critical discourse has fully disrupted photography’s claim to truth-telling over the past thirty years, photographers continue to exploit and explore the medium’s capacity to record and document the world around and inside of them. Whether self-consciously critical of the documentary impulse, or actively engaged with strategies to contextualize images and complicate readings, the books in this list cover a wide range of photographic documents both actual and fabricated.

  1. Claudio Moser
    Dedicated to the Warmest Flugelhorn Tone
    Zurich, Switzerland: Codax Publisher, 1997
  2. Wayne Sides
    Wayne Sides
    Decatur , AL: Thunderhouse, 1984
    Out of stock
  3. Frederic Lebain
    Mes Vacances Avec Holga
    Poitiers, France: Frederic Lebain, 2000
  4. Nigel Shafran
    Dad’s Office
    London, England: N. Shafran, 1999
    Out of stock
  5. Nancy Holt
    New York, NY: Printed Matter Inc., 1980
    Out of stock
  6. Balazs Czeizel
    This Is Not America Either
    Rochester, NY: Visual Studies Workshop, 1993
    size unknown
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