• K48 : K48 is an Animal        Scott Hug, Lauren Mackler, Joanna Ebenstein, Phiiliip and Michael Magnan        Periodicals        $30.00
  • The Zine UnBound : Kults, Werewolves and Sarcastic Hippies        Artists from K48, Werewolf Express and Hot and Cold        Books / Zines        $30.00
  • FILE Megazine : Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll        General Idea        Periodicals / Zines        $200.00
  • K48        Scott Hug        Periodicals        $40.00
  • Hot and Cold        Chris Duncan        Books / Zines        $40.00
  • K48 : Kult 48                Periodicals        $30.00
  • Public Fiction        Claire Cronin, Maja D'Aoust, Trinie Dalton, Sophia Dixon Frydman, Diva Dompe, Jesse Fleming, Corey Foge, Chiara Giovando, Liz Glynn, Maureen Keaveny, David Korty, Chris Kraus, Chris Lipomi, Lucky Dragons, Jason Manley, Davida Nemeroff, Alison O'Daniel, Adam Overton, Owl Eyes, Michael Parker, Erin Perry, Ron Rege Jr. Mark A. Rodriguez, Tanya Rubbak, Asha Schecther and Margaret Wappler                $16.00
  • FILE Megazine        General Idea        Books / Other        $895.00

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