Ordinary Extraordinary: New Independent Publishing by Women

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  • Emma Kohlmann T-Shirts        Emma Kohlmann        Apparel / T-shirts        $25.00
  • Emma Kohlmann & V Manuscript        Emma Kohlmann        Books / Zines        $12.00
  • Garden of the Womanimal        Caroline Paquita        Books / Artists’ Books        $5.00
  • Several Observations        Vanessa Maltese        Books / Artists’ Books        $60.00
  • Primordial Cooch #1        Caroline Paquita        Books / Zines        $6.00
  • Oh Ryan… #2        Melinda Melmoth        Books / Zines        $6.00
  • Emerald Arborvitae        Denise Schatz        Books / Zines        $20.00
  • Baskets        Rachel Domm        Books / Zines        $20.00
  • Other Way        Lale Westvind        Books / Artists’ Books        $6.00
  • Music from Magic Mike        Melinda Melmoth        Books / Zines        $6.00
  • Wild Boyz Zine Set        Melinda Melmoth        Books / Zines        $5.00
  • Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe Part One        Alicia Nauta        Books / Zines        $15.00
  • Melting Columns [Screen Print]        Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk        Posters / Prints        $100.00
  • EASY COME        LAZY MOM        Books / Zines        $10.00
  • Half the Time Pin        Eunice Luk        Buttons / Multiples        $10.00
  • Being and Nothing        Emma Kohlmann        Books / Artists’ Books        $20.00
  • House Plant Music        Denise Schatz and Xiu Xiu        Audio & Video / Artists’ Books        $25.00

Ordinary Extraordinary is a group show of work by women-run publishing imprints and self-publishing artists. The exhibition in the PM project space foregrounds the use of inexpensive printing techniques like photocopying and risograph, with publications from Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe, Emma Kohlmann, Lazy Mom, Melinda Melmoth, Miniature Garden, Pegacorn Press, and Slow Editions. Lazy Mom launches their new zine “Easy Come” at the opening event.

LAZY MOM creates otherworldly installations out of junk food and pantry staples. The fruits of their labor are at once recognizable but wholly transformed into something that you would probably never want to eat.

Melinda Melmoth pays painstaking homage to pop culture television and movies by drawing each scene from hit shows and films such as “True Detective”, “Magic Mike”, and “Magic Mike 2”. Also on view will be her quilt depicting nude scenes from the HBO prison show, “Oz”.

Miniature Garden re-examines traditional and sometimes mundane forms of domesticity and provides new context for viewing and appreciating the intimacy of the home in publications such as “Household Objects” and “House Plant Music” a cassette tape featuring the music of Xiu Xiu with an accompanying zine of photographs and drawings by Denise Schatz.

Alicia Nauta of Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe creates imagined interior spaces by taking recognizable elements that make up a home such as rugs, windows and doorways and combining them in strange and often psychedelic ways.

Slow Editions publishes books, drawings and multiples rooted in drawing. Eunice Luk’s own work plays with line, form, and abstraction. Her simple & elegant drawings are made up of abstracted shapes that hint at recognizable forms of figures, trees, and vessels. Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk often collaborate on books and prints, a selection of which will also be included in the show.

Caroline Paquita of Pegacorn Press creates a mystical form of feminism that simultaneously feels ancient and yet entirely contemporary. In works such as “Garden of the Womanimal” and “Womanilistic”, wild and fierce females run amok and the vagina reigns over all.

Emma Kohlmann creates haunting and beautifully erotic narratives by interweaving simple and crude ink drawings with poetic musings on alienation, sex, and death. Awkward bodies lumber on the pages and engage in a multitude of sexual positions with each other, but a feeling of loneliness persists throughout.

About Easy Come:
LAZY MOM’s fifth self-published zine, “Easy Come” is a collection of visceral food photography with romantic and debaucherous undertones. Imagine a sweaty summer night with melted candy drips and a swirling sea of chocolate. Imagine a hot date with a full frontal octopus and a rose dipped in Cheez Whiz. Imagine no more because it’s all a reality…come inside “Easy Come.”

  1. Denise Schatz
    Emerald Arborvitae
    New York, NY: Miniature Garden, 2015
    Out of stock
  2. Rachel Domm
    New York, NY: Miniature Garden, 2015
    Out of stock
  3. Caroline Paquita
    Primordial Cooch #1
    Brooklyn, NY: Pegacorn Press, 2015
  4. Lale Westvind
    Other Way
    Brooklyn, NY: Pegacorn Press, 2014
    Out of stock
  5. Caroline Paquita
    Garden of the Womanimal
    Brooklyn, NY: Pegacorn Press, 2014
    Out of stock
  6. Melinda Melmoth
    Music from Magic Mike
    Mount Pleasant, SC: Melinda Melmoth, January 2016
    Out of stock
  7. Melinda Melmoth
    Wild Boyz Zine Set
    Mount Pleasant, SC: Melinda Melmoth, 2009
    Out of stock
  8. Melinda Melmoth
    Oh Ryan… #2
    Mount Pleasant, SC: Melinda Melmoth, 2015
    Out of stock
  9. Vanessa Maltese
    Several Observations
    Toronto, Canada: Slow Editions, 2015
  10. Alicia Nauta
    Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe Part One
    Toronto, Canada: Alicia's Klassic Kool Shoppe, 2015
    Out of stock
  11. Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk
    Melting Columns [Screen Print]
    Toronto, Canada: Alicia's Klassic Kool Shoppe, 2015
    Out of stock
  12. LAZY MOM
    Brooklyn, NY: LAZY WOW, 2016
    Out of stock
  13. Eunice Luk
    Half the Time Pin
    Toronto, Canada: Slow Editions, 2015
    Out of stock
  14. Emma Kohlmann
    Emma Kohlmann T-Shirts
    New York: Emma Kohlmann
    Out of stock
  15. Emma Kohlmann
    Emma Kohlmann & V Manuscript
    New York: Emma Kohlmann
    Out of stock
  16. Emma Kohlmann
    Being and Nothing
    New York, NY: Emma Kohlmann, 2016
  17. Denise Schatz and Xiu Xiu
    House Plant Music
    Miniature Garden, 2016
    Out of stock
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