2019 LAABF Highlights

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  • The Pillar        Stephen Gill        Books / Artists’ Books        $60.00
  • Laying in the Long Tall Grass        Jack Taylor        Books / Artists’ Books        $12.00
  • NAT vs CIV: A Blueprint for the Diatribes World Please Explore        Veronica Graham        Books / Artists’ Books        $20.00
  • Shelf Life        Related Tactics        Books / Artists’ Books        $5.00
  • SOBRE LA RESISTENCIA DE LOS CUERPOS        José Luis Cuevas        Books / Artists’ Books        $47.00
  • Cloud Watchers        Extra Vitamins        Books / Zines        $15.00
  • (Un)Popular Mysticism on the Internet        Ashley D'Arcy        Books / Artists’ Books        $15.00
  • Blood Marrow Oolong Ivory         Rin Kim        Books / Artists’ Books        $18.00
  • The Key to Florida, Pt. 1        Chris Moody        Books / Zines        $10.00
  • Playing Cards        Alicia Nauta        Editions / Multiples        $30.00
  • Tupac Biggie        Dana Lixenberg        Buttons / Artists’ Books        $25.00
  • Remember Me as the One Who Woke Up Late but Woke Up Nonetheless.        Jason Samuel Wright        Books / Out of Print Books        $20.00
  • F Magazine        Adam Marnie and F Magazine        Periodicals / Zines        $20.00
  • From the Madness and Back        Charlotte Ager        Books / Artists’ Books        $34.00
  • Fag School #3        Brontez Purnell, editor        Books / Zines        $5.00
  • Subway        Erik van der Weijde        Periodicals        $8.00
  • DUI        Tara Booth        Books / Zines        $22.00
  • Queer Gods        Rey Carlson        Books / Zines        $25.00
  • Techniques of Invisibility         Micaela Terk        Books / Artists’ Books        $18.00
  • Quimera        The Kids Are Right, Diego Sánchez and Borja Larrondo        Books / Artists’ Books        $45.00
  • Water with Water Poster Pack        Nathan Ross Davis and Sarah Elawad        Posters        $20.00
  1. Micaela Terk
    Techniques of Invisibility
    Tel-Aviv, Israel: Goodbye Books, 2018
    Out of stock
  2. The Kids Are Right, Diego Sánchez and Borja Larrondo
    Madrid, Spain: The Kids Are Right, 2019
    Out of stock
  3. Nathan Ross Davis and Sarah Elawad
    Water with Water Poster Pack
    Doha, Qatar: Water With Water
    Out of stock
  4. Brontez Purnell, editor
    Fag School #3
    Oakland, CA: Unity Press, 2018
    Out of stock
  5. Jack Taylor
    Laying in the Long Tall Grass
    Berlin, Germany: Colorama, 2019
  6. Dana Lixenberg
    Tupac Biggie
    Amsterdam, Netherlands: Roma Publications, 2019
    Out of stock
  7. Jason Samuel Wright
    Remember Me as the One Who Woke Up Late but Woke Up Nonetheless.
    Richmond, VA: U.D.L.I. Editions, 2019
    Out of stock
  8. Stephen Gill
    The Pillar
    Nobody, 2019
  9. Veronica Graham
    NAT vs CIV: A Blueprint for the Diatribes World Please Explore
    Oakland, CA: Most Ancient, 2019
  10. Related Tactics
    Shelf Life
    CA: Related Tactics, 2019
    Out of stock
  11. Extra Vitamins
    Cloud Watchers
    Mexico City, Mexico: Can Can Press, 2019
    Out of stock
  12. José Luis Cuevas
    Madrid, Spain: CHACO, 2018
  13. Ashley D'Arcy
    (Un)Popular Mysticism on the Internet
    Chicago, IL: Platform Editions, 2018
    Out of stock
  14. Alicia Nauta
    Playing Cards
    Toronto, Canada: Alicia's Klassic Kool Shoppe, 2018
    Out of stock
  15. Adam Marnie and F Magazine
    F Magazine
    Los Angeles, CA: F Magazine, 2019
  16. Erik van der Weijde
    Ghent, Belgium: Art Paper Editions, 2019
    Out of stock
  17. Charlotte Ager
    From the Madness and Back
    Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Knust Extrapool, 2019
    Out of stock
  18. Rin Kim
    Blood Marrow Oolong Ivory
    Brooklyn, NY: GenderFail Press, 2019
  19. Chris Moody
    The Key to Florida, Pt. 1
    Eugene, OR: Horse Gurl Press, 2019
    Out of stock
  20. Tara Booth
    Berlin, Germany: Colorama, 2019
  21. Rey Carlson
    Queer Gods
    Richmond, VA: Other Publishing
    Out of stock
Last updated 5/20/2019