Opportunity Strikes, or, Goodbye Mars Rover

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  • Mars Project        Adrienn Dorsánszki        Books / Zines        $10.00
  • Planetary Echoes Exploring the Implications of Human Settlement in Outer Space                Books / Monographs        $20.00
  • EN/OF 043: Kreidler ‎– Mars Chronicles I-IV        Kreidler and Andro Wekua        Audio & Video / Signed        $250.00
  • Water Found on Mars        Eva Weinmayr and Gustav Metzger        Books        $24.00
  • Staring at Our Sun         Billy O'Callaghan        Books / Artists’ Books        $12.00
  • Space Colonies        Fabian Reimann        Books / Artists’ Books        $15.00
  • Intrepid Galaxy        O.J. San Felipe and Aaron Wade        Books / Artists’ Books        $30.00
  • Munetoon        Amir Mogharabi        Books / Signed        $40.00
  • Message From Mars        Ken Leslie        Books / Artists’ Books        $85.00
  • Sun Path House and Other Cosmic Architectures        Christian Wassmann        Books / Artists’ Books        $40.00
  • Mars Observations        Craig Hickman        Books        $20.00
  • Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora        Martin Naroznik        Books / Signed        $49.00
  • Untitled        Scott Hug        Books / Prints        $25.00

On the first anniversary of its landing, the Mars Rover Opportunity sang itself “Happy Birthday”. Communicating back to Earth from 2003 onwards, the plucky rover brought tidings of Mars life and non-life. This week Opportunity trod its last tread into the red dust. Here is our goodbye to our stellar friend (til we see you there someday):
“I’ll find you In the morning sun
And when the night is new.
I’ll be looking at the moon,
But I’ll be seeing you.”

  1. Martin Naroznik
    Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora
    Vancouver, Canada: Etcullil Publishing, 2004
  2. Fabian Reimann
    Space Colonies
    Leipzig, Germany: Spector Books, 2017
    Out of stock
  3. Eva Weinmayr and Gustav Metzger
    Water Found on Mars
    Ostfildern-Ruit, Germany: Hatje Cantz, 2006
  4. Adrienn Dorsánszki
    Mars Project
    Budapest, Hungary: Delle Association, 2017
  5. O.J. San Felipe and Aaron Wade
    Intrepid Galaxy
    Los Angeles, CA: Earthlings
  6. Ken Leslie
    Message From Mars
    Hardwick, VT: K. Leslie, 1996
  7. Craig Hickman
    Mars Observations
    Eugene, OR: Dry Reading Press, 2001
  8. Kreidler and Andro Wekua
    EN/OF 043: Kreidler ‎– Mars Chronicles I-IV
    Berlin, Germany: EN and OF, 2011
    100 + 30 AP's
  9. Billy O'Callaghan
    Staring at Our Sun
    San Francisco, CA: Billy O'Callaghan, 2014
  10. Scott Hug
    Brooklyn, NY: Kayrock Screenprinting, 2008
  11. Amir Mogharabi
    New York, NY: Coco du Nom, 2009
  12. Christian Wassmann
    Sun Path House and Other Cosmic Architectures
    London, UK: Koenig Books, 2017
    Out of stock
Last updated 2/20/2019