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  • Printed Matter circulates over 32,000 publications annually on behalf of artists and small presses through our non-profit store in Chelsea, our online catalog, and other distribution channels.
  • PM’s Exhibitions feature works by artists and collectives instrumental in shaping the field of artists' books, as well as emerging artists who engage the medium in exciting new ways.
  • PM Fairs operates the world’s two premier events for artists’ books, the NY Art Book Fair and the LA Art Book Fair and attends other fairs worldwide.
  • PM Publishing focuses on producing books by emerging artists, socially & politically engaged works, and technically innovative publications.
  • PM offers educational services to promote the understanding of artists’ books both in store and at forums worldwide.
  • PM hosts over 80 events a year on behalf of book artists including talks, lectures and performances.
  • The PM Window Series gives artists a highly visible space to showcase their projects in the heart of Chelsea.
  • PM regularly works with artists to create editioned artworks to support our non-profit services for book artists.
  • PM maintains one of the world's largest bibliographic records pertaining to artists’ books available online for research purposes.
  • PM is available for collector and library consultation services for sourcing titles and building a contemporary collection.
  • Collected since 1976, PM's Archive stands as an important record of the development and trajectory of the artists’ book field as it intersects with Printed Matter’s institutional history.
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  • Miranda July demonstrates "A Poster to be Ripped"
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  • Miranda July invites you to become a Printed Matter member! Join Printed Matter and help circulate art and ideas, amplify the voices of artists, and support nonprofit programs that bring artists' books to the public. Friend-level Members receive a new editioned poster (intended to be ripped into pieces and reassembled on the wall) from writer, filmmaker and artist Miranda July.
  • Participants:

    Clive Phillpot Mike Glier Lucy Lippard Martha Wilson Pat Steir

    Moderated by Max Schumann

  • A movie about food, sex and a weird red hand. Many thanks to Peter Jacobs and Holly Revell.
  • An Artists in Residence program sprang up at our New York property in 2014 and in 2016, we sent the concept on tour with our friends at Printed Matter, Inc. "40 Years / 40 Nights" celebrates the institution’s 40th year by showcasing a new crop of 40 artists from around the world across 2016, one of whom was Marta Rodriguez Maleck. During the night of 5/15/16, Maleck and a crew of friends created "Citizens of the Cosmos".

    Marta Rodriguez Maleck [cargocollective.com/mmaleck] is a performer, sculptor, painter, and installation artist. Rodriguez Maleck employs music, disguise, and sarcasm as a means to create alternate realities. Her background in education, construction, and fashion have lead her to create art that attempts to challenge past social injustices, societal gender constructs, and prescribed behaviors. With an interest to engage a variety of audiences, Marta has exhibited her work in a myriad spaces, from the Ogden Museum of Southern Art to DIY house shows and everything in between. She is currently a member of Good Children Gallery, as well as the Aquarium Gallery, both based in New Orleans, LA.

  • Paul Buonaguro & Gary Guitar perform a rendition of "Saint James Infirmary" at PRINTED MATTER, INC in New York City as part of "An Evening With RATSTAR Press." Recorded on July, 14, 2016.
  • Printed Matter presents COLAB TALKS, a group conversation with Colab:

    An open inclusive format where all attending Colab Members have a chance to say whatever they want. The only restriction is time.

    Two chairs, two mics, two minutes. One person speaks at a time.

    COLAB TALKS is presented on occasion of the A More Store, on view at Printed Matter through May 14.

    Filmed by Coleen Fitzgibbon on April 28th 2016

  • Melbourne Art Book Fair: Keynote Lecture delivered by Max Schumann
  • The History of All Hitherto Existing Society composed by Chang Yuchen and performed at Printed Matter on February 15th, 2014.

    This video documents a portion of Yuchen's performance. A selection of Yuchen's books are available on our site including a pamphlet based on the score of the piece. See more of Yuchen's work on her website.

  • The artist-run cable TV series Paper Tiger TV West showcases the WW III Illustrated comic book collective in this October 1990 episode.

    WW 3 Illustrated was founded in 1980 by Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper and run by a group of artists working with the unified goal of creating a home for political comics, graphics and stories. Check out our back issues of WW III comics here as well as this curated table.

  • "Reports of the death of the book have been greatly exaggerated," says Max Schumann, channeling Mark Twain in this video sneak peek at 80WSE's exhibit Learn to Read Art: A Surviving History of Printed Matter. Schumann is the acting director of the organization established by Carl Andre, Edit DeAk, Sol LeWitt, Lucy Lippard, Walter Robinson, Pat Steir, Mimi Wheeler, Robin White, and Irena von Zahn in 1976 to support artists producing their own books—outside the traditional publishing or gallery system. The 80WSE show, on through February 14, explores the non-profit bookstore's history through administrative documents, programming ephemera, and publishing projects—and also includes a Printed Matter satellite store selling artists' books and a working print shop supporting the work of artists in residence. It's the testament to the sustained power of print in the digital age.